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02 Aug 2019

Sleeper sofas are common "must have" pieces of furniture, and here we'll review one of the most popular options, the American Leather sleeper sofa, the Comfort Sleeper.


This piece is a regular favorite, year on year. At Circle Furniture, we often hear from customers that it's the sleeper sofa a friend recommended, or the one they remember sleeping on at a family member's house, or while on a hotel stay, like at the Westin.


This popularity is well earned. The Comfort Sleeper is well-designed and well-made, and it's comfortable"”in both of its configurations: as a sofa and as a bed.


In a recent blog post, we compared this perennial crowd-pleaser to the Monica Sleeper, so you'll find information about the piece there. In this post, we'll dive in a bit deeper. And we again turn to the expertise of Boston showroom manager Linda Maguire.


Before we get going, and to be totally transparent, while this is a review, you won't find much in the way of criticism here.


At Circle Furniture, we love this piece as much as people who own it do. There's not much to find on the downside. Here's why.


An Investment to Cherish


american leather comfort sleeper, 2019, circle furniture, american leather


The American Leather sleeper sofa costs out at between $3,499 to $6,500, so many who purchase this piece consider it an investment as much as it is a purchase to fill a space and serve a function.


This is a piece you and yours can cherish for years to come. It's built to last, and you make it your own by selecting from the many different style, upholstery, size, and mattress options available. Just look at the choices.


Style Options


American Leather provides a variety of leg and armrest options. Do you prefer a high or low leg Thick Thin Metal Wood Armrests are available wide, narrow, squared-off, or rounded.


In some models, you can choose a nailhead trim. And you can opt for down cushions, if you want a more casual style, or foam cushions, for a more crisp look.


If you're looking to buy a queen plus or king-sized sleeper, you can also choose between two seat cushions or three.


Whatever style you choose, know that the seat-back cushions are now designed to fit snugly into the sofa frame without the use of zippers or other features. When you remove the cushions to turn the sofa into a bed, the fully lined headboard presents a finished, attractive look.


american leather comfort sleeper, 2019, circle furniture, american leather


Size Options


The Comfort Sleeper comes in seven sizes:


  • king
  • queen plus
  • queen
  • full
  • twin
  • cot
  • double cot


With the double cot, you have the option of opening one or both cot-sized beds. Regardless of the size you choose, every sleeping surface is a full 80 inches long.


Custom sheets are available in every size, so there's no fussing with ill-fitting linens.  


Upholstery Options


Here's where the choices really get fun! The first question to consider is, leather or fabric If you're going for the ultimate in durability, leather may be your best choice. Linda points out that industry-wide, leather is known to last about four times longer than fabric.

Leathers come in a variety of textures and colors"”from bold red to earthy browns, and more. American Leather also offers several levels of protection to accommodate the level and type of activity you expect your sleeper sofa to experience.

If you want to go the fabric route, colors, patterns, and textures abound. If you like the feel and look of suede, choose from the Ultrasuede offerings. Or peruse the durable, stylish, and easy-to-clean offerings from Sunbrella and Crypton. Any of these performance fabric lines provide long-lasting quality.

american leather comfort sleeper, 2019, circle furniture, american leather

Making the Bed, and Mattress Options


Every American Leather sleeper has a spring-loaded mechanism to make pulling the bed out an easy task. These sleepers also feature the patented Tiffany 24/7 Sleep System, which provides a solid wood foundation for the mattress: your sleep surface is forever firm, sag-proof, and without painful bars and springs.


And then there are your mattress choices: premier, gel, and Tempur-Pedic. All are comfortable, but the feel differs from one to the other.


The premier is made of high-density foam and is firm; it's covered in waterproof, stain-proof, anti-microbial, allergen-free Crypton fabric, which is soft to the touch.


The gel mattress is notably cool and has a distinctive easy give you can sink into.

American Leather is the only manufacturer to offer the ever-popular Tempur-Pedic mattress in its sleeper sofas. This mattress offers its distinctive body-contouring properties and no-pressure-point comfort.  

american leather comfort sleeper, 2019, circle furniture, american leather

Small Entryways No Problem


Are you looking at your dream American Leather sleeper sofa and thinking, My doorway is too small to fit that piece. What a bummer!


Hold that thought. The Comfort Sleeper is designed so that disassembly isn't too tough, and furthermore, it won't mar or otherwise harm the piece.

This short video shows how it's done:



Broken down into its component parts, this substantially sized piece of furniture is able to fit through some surprisingly small passageways. Circle Furniture offers this disassembly/reassembly service; we're always happy to explore how to make the delivery process work for you.


Configure to Your Heart's Content


American Leather has created a number of sectional pieces that you can add on to your Comfort Sleeper. You can make your lounging unit fit whatever size and shape you desire.


Pieces with storage are available so you can keep linens and other items you need for guests conveniently stowed nearby.


We're Always Here to Help


With all of these options, you may appreciate some guidance. At Circle Furniture, we're always happy to help. Come into a showroom to test a Comfort Sleeper for yourself.


We can guide you through the decisions that will make your American Leather sleeper sofa a piece you'll love for the ages.


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