Explore Our Showroom

Our Middleton showroom, our largest and newest showroom, offers a wide array of unique, quality furniture in a beautiful, spacious environment. We offer a carefully curated selection of thoughtfully and artfully designed products that are made with care, respect for the environment, and a commitment to local manufacturing. Not only are we committed to offering stylish products, but we are also a full-service interior design house. Our Design Consultants have years of experience and will take your wants, desires, and Pinterest boards and turn them into a stylish yet functional reality.


Meet Our Designers

Cindy Rubenfeld

Store Manager

I’ve been interested in design since high school, and I got my degree in Interior Design at Endicott. I love working with texture and color and enjoy all the elements that go into creating a great design. Outside of work, I do fundraising for local charities and have sat on the boards of the Jeannie Geiger Crisis Center and the Anna Jaques Community Health Foundation. I love spending time with family and taking care of my garden. Being an earth sign, I look for design in all that surrounds me. 


Anne Walsh

Design Consultant

Previous to joining Circle Furniture, I was in the fashion industry, selling Art-to-Wear clothing and high end American craft as well as working as a fiber artist, designing and weaving scarves and blankets. I use these skills to dress your home with vibrant color and texture, creating a comfortable, personal environment. I use skills acquired as a grandmother of six to determine what’s best for your household’s activities. My clients appreciate the range of styles and budgets offered at Circle Furniture.


Valerie Folan

Design Consultant

My motto is: Do what you love, love what you do. I love being creative and working at Circle Furniture allows me to bring innovative design and quality products to your home. My professional background is in art, retail, fashion merchandising, and furniture sales. When it comes to interior design, I take a collaborative approach. Bring me your swatches and pictures, and I can help you express your style. I invite you to stop by our store and share your home décor ideas with me.