Fire Retardant Free Upholstery Available at Circle Furniture

Circle Furniture wants you to feel comfortable about the furniture choices that you make for your home. We are committed to offering eco-friendly options, sustainably made and safer for our homes and environment.  We are happy to share that almost all of the upholstery at Circle Furniture is Fire Retardant FREE. For more information please contact us at

Forest Responsibility

Circle Furniture is committed to the responsible use of forest resources, including the wood used in our furniture. Circle Furniture works with our suppliers on an ongoing basis to eliminate wood from unacceptable sources and to increase the amount of responsible, certified, and recycled wood.

We recognize that the Forest Stewardship is an important tool to promote forest management and we prioritize FSC certified when it meets our requirements.

We are also firmly committed to avoiding wood from unacceptable sources, including:

•    Illegally harvested timber.

•    Timber harvested in violation of traditional or civil rights.

•    Timber harvested from areas in which high conservation values are threatened by poor forest management.

•    Timber harvested from areas being converted from forests to plantations or non-forest use.

•    Timber from forests in which genetically modified trees are planted.

Green Naturally

sustainable furnishings logoCircle Furniture is proud to be a founding member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, a non-profit coalition of industry players created to promote sustainable practices among manufacturers, retailers and consumers. We carefully research every new manufacturer before we put the Circle stamp on it. The environment, our local economy, it matters to us. It's our world and we have to take care of it.

A healthy home starts with a healthy environment. That's why at Circle Furniture we partner with craftspeople that share our commitment to the environment. The woods used to make our wood products come from forests that are managed according to strict environmental, social and economic standards. Additionally, most of our wood products are made by craftspeople in New England. These are folks who truly care about the quality of the product that lands in your home. Gorgeous woods, thoughtfully made. Preservation and conservation are values that are important to us.

Eco-Upholstery made in the USA

Circle Furniture offers upholstery with soy-based cushions and frames that are made from responsibly harvested hardwoods certified sustainable. The fill for seat, back and throw pillows is inserted into a 100% woven cotton ticking. Seat cushions are wrapped and back cushions and throw pillows are filled with post-consumer regenerated fibers keeping drink bottles from the landfill with each sofa purchase!


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Check out our new Solar Panel array on our Acton Warehouse and live dashboard to track our energy production.




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Circle Furniture looks for manufacturers that share a commitment to the environment and sustainability.