Now Open in Boston Seaport!

Our Boston - Seaport showroom is located just steps away from the beautiful waterfront in the Seaport District. When you visit, you’ll find a thoughtfully curated selection of quality home furnishings that are made with respect for the environment and a commitment to local manufacturing.

Not only are we dedicated to offering unique furniture and decor, but we’re also a full-service design center. Our Design Consultants have years of experience and will turn your wants, needs, and Pinterest boards into a stylish yet functional reality.



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Meet Our Designers

Linda Taylor

Store Manager

I love Boston and the strong sense of pride that comes from everyone who resides here. Our team in Boston has a wealth of experience with all of the spatial eccentricities that come with city living. Our community has an abundant variety of living spaces anywhere from a small studio to a multi-level traditional townhouse to a large modern or industrial penthouse. We would be more than happy to help you with and all of your home furnishing projects.



"Linda at Circle furniture is amazing and so knowledgable of all the different types of sofas and fabrics they carry. We loved our experience!" - Jennifer C.

Hawley Appleton

Design Consultant

I have always thought that one's home reflects the inside of one's mind. You surround yourself with colors, patterns, and textures that reflect not just your opinion or style, but also fill you with happiness. Sometimes it's a challenge to craft your surroundings. Working with clients on making a house their home gives me great pleasure and satisfaction. I'm here to help guide you to find the furnishings that you love, fit in your space properly and, most important of all, please you every time you use them.



"My husband and I purchased our guest bedroom suite from Circle Furniture three years ago and Hawley Appleton was our excellent consultant, so we went directly back to her this time to furnish our newly renovated third floor. We pipe dreamed for a couple visits, then dove into purchasing our furniture. We cannot laud her enough for her work with us this past month. Hawley was absolutely a joy to work with, and she went above and beyond consulting with us. She even came to our home to see the newly constructed space, took measurements, and put together a suggested package of furnishings for us. It was so much fun to have her come visit, and she had a great sense of the room, of the light, and we discussed a color scheme. After her visit and proposal, my husband, architect, and I came to Circle Furniture, and she was a wonderful collaborator with all of us. She and our architect put together a fabulous collection of fabrics and colors that realized my thoughts and ideas, and we are utterly thrilled and excited! We are totally 100% sold on the incredibly comfortable and beautiful Comfort Sleeper that will turn our third floor into a den as well as an extra guest room. It is more comfortable than our bed! Hawley found a perfect comfy chair and side tables to go along with the sofa bed. We had such a great time working with Hawley, and we are looking forward to having her come visit once the room is fully in place. We could not have had more personalized help, and we love the quality of our furniture. Circle Furniture has been our go-to for many, many years (when we purchased unfinished furniture back in the 80's and 90's for our daughter's bedroom). Many thanks to Hawley for her exceptional help financing our purchase as well as choosing the perfect furnishings for our new third floor! We will definitely come back again for our next purchase (I see a carpet in our future!)!" - Jeanne S.

Anna Alfaro

Design Consultant

I lived in NYC for 28 years where I worked as a home furnishing designer and designed bedding, pillows, and throws for various brands. I also have 20 years of experience designing men’s clothing. I love that I can incorporate my knowledge of fabrics and patterns to create environments where every detail has been thoughtfully considered. Working with customers to create their individual design makes this job so creative. We offer many quality pieces, the unique beautiful combinations that we can create are immense. In my spare time, I enjoy painting, knitting, and going on long walks around the city.

Forest Graves

Design Consultant

Creating a space where one may feel comfortable, safe, and inspired every day is very gratifying. Having a blank space, morphing it into someone’s vision, and giving it the feel that it’s always been there has always been a joy of mine. I would like to be known for my simplistic design approach, bringing in an old world feel enriched with character, but also keeping it fresh and timeless for future generations to enjoy.

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