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10 Apr 2024

Ready to start your interior design journey but don’t know where to begin? Well you’re in luck, we have the ultimate design solution ready for you at our fingertips! Work with an interior designer, for free! Expert interior designers understand how to pivot an average room into a great room, they are well-versed in curating spaces that align with your aesthetic preferences and lifestyle. There’s no better time than now to discover why free interior design consultations are worth taking advantage of.



Professional Insights from an Interior Design Expert


The biggest benefit of working with an interior designer is working with a literal expert. Their professional insight maximizes the potential of your space. Interior designers are experts at styling every kind of room based on your lifestyle and style preferences. From living rooms and dining rooms to bedrooms and home offices, their design knowledge is paramount to creating a space that meets all of your needs. Whether your vision is modern or traditional, interior designers are able to turn your design dreams into a beautiful reality, in whichever room or space you desire.


Taking the time to refresh your home with an interior designer not only improves its visual appeal but also contributes to your overall well-being. A thoughtful approach to your home's design can create a harmonious balance that fosters joy and tranquility, ensuring every moment spent there is a rejuvenating and welcoming experience. Working with an interior designer will welcome positive changes into your living spaces.



Tailored Interior Designs for Your Home


Consultations offer personalized approaches to your home. Designers can tailor or customize solutions to fit your specific needs, preferences, and lifestyle. Design consultants tailor a design experience fit that is just right for you. Designers have a plethora of merchandise at their fingertips, and they are able to customize furniture pieces with a variety of different textures, colors, fabrics, sizes, and aesthetics. Interior designers are able to use their knowledge of the home design to elevate your space based on your preferences. If you’re looking to create a modern living space, interior designers stay up to date on all of the chicest trends, like boucle. Boucle is a soft yet durable fabric, perfect for a living room chair or sofa, or even accessories like throws or rugs. If you want to just add some tweaks to your traditional living space, interior designers are more than happy to add some edits to your space like new pillows or lighting fixtures that will enrich the space while still keeping it traditional.


When it comes to decorating a home, working with an interior designer can end up saving you a ton of time, energy, and money, versus shopping for home decor online. It’s one thing to buy a small throw pillow online, but when you buy a sofa or dining table online, things can get a bit more complicated. Imagine you are looking for a new living room sofa and dining room table online. You come across a delightful sofa that looks to have a bright white hue and a butter soft texture and a grand wooden dining room table. Weeks later, the sofa shows up at your front door, and the sofa looks more gray than white, and the texture feels more like sandpaper than butter. Then, the dining room table shows up and the measurements weren’t accurate, so it won’t even fit through your front door. Now, you are left settling with a piece you don’t adore, or going through the strenuous return process. Working with an interior design expert is the best way to avoid these costly mistakes.


Cost-Effective & Stress Reducing Interior Design Solutions


There is a misconception that interior design services are expensive. Free consultations can lead to cost-effective design solutions by helping you avoid costly mistakes and make informed decisions. Interior designers are experts in creating beautiful spaces with a variety of different budgets. The convenience of having a professional guide you through each step of the design journey makes for a smooth and blissful design experience.



Free Design Consultations with Circle Furniture’s Expert Designers


Our dedicated team of expert interior designers at Circle Furniture are delighted to offer free in-home and in-store design consultations. We understand that each home is unique, and personalizing your space requires a tailored approach. Our skilled designers are here to help you plan your dream space collaboratively, ensuring that every detail aligns seamlessly with your vision. From choosing the perfect color palette to optimizing furniture placement, our team is committed to transforming your home into a haven that reflects your taste and meets your specific needs.


Let us bring our expertise to your doorstep and embark on this exciting journey of creating a home that truly feels like yours. Call us at 978.344.2208 to learn more or schedule a complimentary home design consultation with one of our incredible interior designers to get started.

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