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03 May 2018

Designing a guest room is an interior design project as well as an act of care. It's a show of affection for whoever may come to stay. The special touches and design elements put into a guest room will make all the difference for your guests. Although the furniture and layout may be simple, there are numerous ways to elevate a guest room. In fact, your own experiences as a guest in other people's homes will be a great place to start when thinking about design.


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How to prepare:


Designing a guest room will start the same way as designing any room; with space planning and measuring the dimensions of the room. The dimensions will be necessary information when considering the furniture that will fit in the room. You can then sketch out the room in order to determine where the furniture will go. We have an Interactive Space Planner  to help you with that. Even better Bring your dimensions into one of our showrooms  and talk with a designer! It's also important to note where the doorways, windows, outlets, and any other obstructions are in the room. The idea of the guest room, as with any other room, is that it should not only be attractive but functional as well.


What you'll need for a guest room:


Let's start with the basics. What exactly do you need for a guest room Firstly, you'll need a bed, a nightstand, and a dresser. There are the essentials and the starting points for a guest room. In general, a queen size bed is preferred for a guest room as it's a comfortable size for a couple to sleep in. However, if the room is smaller you may choose a full size bed. Choosing a bed also means choosing a mattress. There is the option of using an older mattress in a guest room. However, it's important to note that a good quality mattress, like our organic Natural Dreamer Luxury Mattress, is very important. A comfortable mattress that provides a good night's sleep will ensure that your guests feel rested and appreciated.


guest room, interior design, design, guest suite


Design touches your guests will appreciate:


Besides just the essential furniture and the mattress, there are many ways to make your guest feel at home in the guest room.


Cozy bedding


  • Comfortable, soft, and decorative bedding is a beautiful touch in a guest room. If you like a clean, open feeling, white linens will feel like a vacation in a fancy hotel.
  • Consider layering and mixing and matching textures  for a cozy feel. Shams, blankets, and decorative pillows will give the bed a rounded out appearance


A functional nightstand


  • The nightstand, or small table, is a very important piece in a guest room. It provides guests a place for their cell phone, glasses, or a glass of water.
  • The nightstand should have a reading lamp on it as well.


A small dresser with a mirror


  • This will be a nice touch for guests staying an extended amount of time to unpack their clothes and use the mirror to get ready in the morning if there isn't an attached bathroom.


A small area rug


  • A small rug at the foot of the bed so that your guests aren't stepping down on cold hardwood floor will be appreciated.


If you have extra space in the room you might choose to add in:


  • A reading chair with a floor lamp
  • A bench at the end of the bed or under a window to store luggage
  • A small desk or vanity
  • A TV


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guest room, interior design, design, guest suite


How to design a multi-purpose guest room


In a lot of cases, your guest room may be a multi-purpose room. If you don't have guests coming to stay often, or you want to make use of the space for yourself, there are many ways to create a space that has dual purposes. The first step is to utilize a Murphy bed or a sleeper sofa, like our Brandt Comfort Sleeper. A comfortable sleeper sofa will go a very long way. Even if your space is multi-functional you can still make space for the pieces that will make your guests feel at home. It may mean using a small table instead of a nightstand. The second step is ensuring that the room stays organized and doesn't become the final landing place for clutter and excess that you can't find a home for. Finally, take advantage of the space where you can. Add in extra shelving in the closet, and use a corner desk if you can't fit a traditional one. Furniture with storage, like benches or ottomans, will also be a great addition to a multi-purpose guest room. Don't skimp on the design! Just because the guest room has dual functions doesn't mean it can't be a beautiful place for your guests to stay. Read More: Room Design: How to Add Color, Texture, and Life to Your Home


guest room, interior design, design, guest suite


Final thoughts


Designing a guest room is really about being compassionate to what your guests may need when they come to visit your home. Having the essentials in place will make it easy to set up the room when guests come to stay. Small touches, like adding in fresh flowers, plants, and magazines, will go a long way in making guests feel welcomed. Now that you're equipped with the vital information you need, come into one of our showrooms to chat with a designer. They can answer all of your design questions and help to make your ideal guest room come to life. Want more helpful tips and tricks on all things home decor Subscribe to our YouTube Channel!


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