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26 Jul 2021

The way we decorate the walls in our homes has evolved, and there’s a lot you can do.


Wall decor adds personality and warmth to your space, moves your eye around the room, and creates a mood or emotion. It can also help inspire a room’s design. Instead of simply choosing whatever matches the furnishings, you’re able to express your individual style and showcase what brings you joy.


“I think anything that’s in your house should have meaning,” Design Consultant Betsy Johnson said. “I’m not picking something at the store because it has the colors that match my room. Everything that’s on my walls has meaning.”


We sat down with Betsy and the rest of our Pembroke team to get their insight and ideas on wall decor.


Take a look at all the different ways you can decorate your home!





With endless possibilities, our Design Consultants in any of our showroom locations would be happy to help you figure out how you’d like to decorate the walls in your home. Schedule an appointment today to get started!


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Author: Marycatherine Karcich