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21 Jul 2017


Organic Mattresses vs. Traditional Mattresses: Which is Best


If you're in the market for a new mattress, you will soon find there are lots of options!   Some of the most common options are traditional innerspring mattresses, memory foam mattresses, and organic or natural mattresses.   At Circle Furniture, we know just how complicated mattress shopping can be, so we did you a favor and answered some of those common questions.


What's in a natural mattress


Natural mattresses are becoming more and more popular.   As you may have guessed, natural mattresses are made of more natural materials compared to a traditional foam mattress.   Most often natural mattresses are made with a combination of latex, cotton, and wool.   Natural latex, which comes from the rubber or latex tree,   is used as a breathable, durable cushion.   Cotton is often used as wrapping material or batting.   Finally, wool is naturally fire-resistant, so it is often used as wrap inside the mattress to flammability requirements.


Are natural mattresses better than traditional mattresses


So are natural mattresses better   Well, it depends on what is important to you and there are a lot of variables:   comfort, price and materials, and the environment to name a few. Many people find latex mattresses to have superior comfort and support as compared to a traditional mattress.   More support can lead to a deeper sleep and a better night's rest.     In addition to being supportive, latex mattresses have less motion transfer than a traditional mattress which means if one person moves, that movement is less likely to disturb the other. When it comes to price, natural mattresses will typically cost more than a traditional inner-spring mattress.   However, even among natural mattress, the price can vary quite a bit.     For example, mattresses made with natural talalay latex will cost more than one made with synthetic latex.     Additionally, the more layers of latex in a mattress the higher the price will be. Natural mattresses are also a good choice for those who prefer a more natural product over synthetic materials.     Traditional mattresses are made of foam and all foams will emit some level of VOC's (volatile organic compounds).   VOC's are emitted from a long list of everyday items such as building materials, office equipment, glues, and cleaners.   However, for those who are very sensitive, even to low levels of VOC's, a natural mattress made from natural materials will likely be a better choice than one made up of mostly foam. Watch Cindy, our Middleton Store Manager, go into a broad overview about basic organic mattresses and conventional mattresses. Make sure to ask your Design Consultants about the specific models you are interested in.


What's in a traditional mattress


Most traditional mattresses are composed of polyurethane foam, metal coils, and other  synthetic materials like vinyl. You will also find memory foam mattresses which are made from a dense form of polyurethane foam, and sometimes gel cooling agents.     There can be a pretty large gamut of quality when it comes to the quality of materials and construction of a traditional mattress.    


What about the use of fire-retardants


All mattress sold in the United States are required by law to meet specific fire safety standards.   According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, these standards are based on a test which determines the ignition resistance of a mattress or mattress pad when exposed to a specified ignition source. There are numerous ways a mattress can meet these flammability standards and it varies quite a bit. Some mattresses use an additive in the form of fire-retardant chemicals. However, chemical additives are not the only choice of fire-retardants.   Some mattresses, like the traditional mattresses at Circle Furniture, use inherently fire-retardant fabrics like wool or rayon wraps which are wrapped around the inside of the mattress thereby meeting the fire safety laws.   Natural mattresses often use wool wraps as a fire retardant barrier. As you may be able to tell, not all mattresses are created equally.   If you are concerned about whether or not the mattress you are buying uses fire-retardant chemical additives, or alternatives like naturally fire-retardant fabrics, ask.


So which mattress is right for me


Before you set out to buy a mattress, evaluate what your needs are. Answering those questions honestly will help you decide between natural and traditional mattresses. Circle Furniture sells an array of both traditional  and organic mattresses. A family-owned and operated business, Circle Furniture has been selling furniture for over 60 years. With six locations and an outlet store, there's no reason not to come on in and see for yourself "“ or in the case of a mattress, take a little in-store snooze!


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