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23 Mar 2020

The world is in a scary place right now. I’ll refrain from using the words “uncertain” and “unprecedented” because we’ve all heard them a little bit too much over the past few weeks.


The fact is, the news is constantly changing and it’s unclear when we’ll be able to control the coronavirus and COVID-19 outbreak. What we do know is that it’s absolutely necessary to socially distance and stay home.


If you’re a healthcare worker or working in a grocery store or for a delivery service, we can’t thank you enough for risking your life to keep the rest of the world running.


For the rest of us who have the privilege to stay home, it’s important to stay informed, be responsible, and remain as calm as possible. We recommend checking the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control  for up-to-date, reliable information.


Find the light

Normally, when discussing finding the light we’re talking quite literally about adding light to a dark home. And this advice is still relevant! Lift your blinds! Open your windows and let fresh air in!


Today, though, we want to talk about finding the light in a dark situation and adding structure to days that might feel monotonous.


To start, find gratitude for what you do have. Regardless of what’s going on in the world, there are always things to be grateful for.


One of those things is humor. Thankfully we live in a world with multiple streaming services and social media that allow us to feel connected in ways we never have been before.


Follow your favorite comedians on Instagram, watch ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’ on Netflix, and throw on your favorite nostalgic comedy movies.


If you love podcasts, listen to the Josh Gad episode of Armchair Expert – a personal favorite and one that will make you laugh out loud.


These are small things, yes, but injecting levity and humor in your day can make all the difference.


Plan your days

Speaking of your day, it can be very beneficial to create a schedule so that the days and weeks don’t all blend together.


This doesn’t mean you need to wake up at 6 AM, do a workout, and put on jeans and a blouse so you “feel professional.” Although some people will benefit from getting dressed, others (like me) actually work better in comfy clothes.


And, most importantly, let’s not use this time to be hard on ourselves. Creating a schedule is just a way to check things off your to-do list and make your day feel more productive; even if the only things on your to-do list are doing your laundry and taking a shower.


Exercise will keep you sane and energized when you’re spending a lot of time at home. And thankfully, many studios and online platforms are offering free classes. I’m of the personal belief that now’s not the time to force yourself to do a workout you hate.


My workout of choice? These Popsugar Fitness Dance Workouts for some fun, silly energy.


If you’re not an online workout person, taking a walk (as long as you’re keeping your distance from people and you’re not in an area that’s mandating shelter-in-place) is the best therapy.


Use this time to…

Organize: Check out: Spring Cleaning: 5 Tips for a More Organized Home


Take a class: Get a free trial on Skillshare or sign up for a free online class from Harvard.


Learn how to cook: The Bon Appetit YouTube Channel is a wonderful escape at any time of year. 


Read: Find a fantasy book to escape into, a witty memoir to make you laugh, or a historical fiction to put things in perspective.


Stay in touch: Call your grandparents! Skype your parents! Play a virtual game with friends! (The Houseparty app allows you to play games with friends on a video call) 


Whether or not you decide to do all or none of these things – be gentle with yourself. The most important things to do right now are to stay home so we can flatten the curve, stay in touch with family, and stay healthy.


Beyond that, we hope we’ve provided you with a few suggestions to make this time a little more productive and a little more enjoyable. 


Author: Julia Maiman

Julia is a writer, blogger, and believer in the smell of old books. She has been crafting stories since she could put pen to paper. She is also a lover of dogs, traveling, and Led Zeppelin.