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Design Tips: How to Transition from Summer Decor to Fall

01 Oct 2021

There’s just something about fall - its vibrant colors, the crisp air, and the changing of the leaves - that puts you in a good mood. It’s a certain kind of energy that gets everyone excited for its arrival every year… including us!


Now that it’s officially October and things are beginning to change outdoors, it’s time to think about how you can bring those autumnal vibes into your home. With the weather getting colder and the days growing shorter, there’s nothing like having a cozy space to retreat to during this time of year.


Since there are a number of ways to change things up so your home reflects a new season, we asked our Merchandise team to share their tips on how to transition summer decor to fall.


Color and Decor


Featured: Nelson Sectional by CR Laine


A great place to start as you’re decorating for fall is with any pillows and blankets you have on your bed and in the living room.


“I like to change the look by swapping out my pillows and throws,” said Peggy Burns aka our Queen Bee. The rest of the Merch team echoed these thoughts. Adding layers and playing with textures like fur and velvet help create that cozy, inviting environment.


For decor, Visual Merchandiser Kent Larick suggested a bowl of mini pumpkins or gourds or adding some birch logs around the fireplace.


Now if you’re feeling ambitious and want to take on a fun fall project, Brian Berchard, also a Visual Merchandiser, suggested a fresh new color on your walls. But whether you paint an entire wall or just want to incorporate different fall colors into your decor, you can get creative with more than your typical reds, oranges, and golds. 


“Wheat, olive, moss, and emerald green also make for warm and inviting accent colors this time of year,” Brian explained.


Lighting and Candles


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The mood of your home makes a difference, and lighting can greatly influence how your space looks and feels.


Laura Nickerson, our Merchandising Manager, shared how she makes the transition to fall:


“I light a fall scented candle! I'll also hold back on using overhead lighting and use lamps more often for a cozier vibe.”


Brian shared, “If you have a fireplace, you may use it more often in the fall and winter months, so rearranging your furniture in the fall to better feature and feel the warmth of your fireplace is something to consider.”





While this time of year means outdoor plant life begins to wilt, Brian and Kent suggested incorporating plants into your decor.


“Adding plant life or a real tree is great during the autumn months,” Brian said. “While greenery outdoors fades away this time of year, we can always keep summer alive with plants. They are also proven to naturally purify the air and boost energy.”


Fall Beverages



Another tip to help you prepare for autumn is a great way to switch up an area of your home you may not have thought about before.


If you have a bar cart, Kent suggested filling it with “heartier spirits like bourbon, whiskey, or scotch and some nice red wines, which always are nice on a crisp day, as well as bringing out some different glassware and serve ware for the season.”


There’s so much to love about fall, and we hope you enjoy giving your home a fresh feel that emulates the spirit of autumn! If you need help transitioning your decor from summer to fall (or any other season), get in touch with one of our Design Consultants and they’ll be happy to help you achieve this vision.


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Author: Marycatherine Karcich