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How to Freshen Up Your Home for Spring

14 Mar 2022

If you're like us and you live in an area similar to New England with cold weather and shortened days, then there's no denying that the first signs of spring are invigorating. It means opening up the windows to let in some air and savor those warmer temperatures. Everyone’s excited and the energy is contagious.


As you shake off those cobwebs and welcome spring, you may feel the need to make changes or updates throughout your home. Laura Nickerson, our Merchandising Manager, and Kent Larick, our Visual Merchandiser, offered their tips to help you freshen up your home for spring. Read on to see what they had to share!



Shed those layers and choose lighter options


Different textures and fabrics can affect how a space looks and feels, and spring typically means creating an aesthetic that’s light and airy. With this in mind, you may want to start removing some of the layers on your bed or changing out any throw blankets and pillows you have on the couch to better suit the new season. 


Laura shared, “I have neutral shearling pillows and chunky sweater throws in my living room that I will switch out for cotton and linen pillows in a brighter color and lighter knit throws in anticipation of the warmer weather.”



Do a spring cleaning


If spring gives you that feeling of wanting to start fresh, we get it! A great way to kick things off is with some spring cleaning.


Use this as an opportunity to declutter and organize. If there’s anything you don’t need that’s just lying around or taking up space, now’s the time to get rid of it. For anything you plan to keep, baskets and storage furniture are viable options to help you organize your belongings.


A thorough spring cleaning gives your home a sense of newness and could even offer a fresh perspective on design and decor.



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Color your home


If you want to go all out when it comes to livening up your space this spring, consider the maximalist approach. 


“I’m liking the current trends of maximalism in interior design: bold colors, fabrics, art, and a “more is less” approach,” Kent shared. "It’s not for everyone, but it does create fun, wild spaces that are a big shift from the minimal white and gray spaces that always come and go.”


Another trend that both Laura and Kent noted is the color green:


“I am loving all the fun shades, whether dark or light,” said Kent. “My favorite right now is anything Olive Green. Green is the new neutral and has so many lovely options.”


Bringing a new color into your home can look like painting an accent wall (or even an entire room), purchasing an area rug, or finding decorative objects in different shades of that color. And you don’t have to limit yourself to inside. For example, Laura is considering Guacamole Green to give her front door a fun refresh.


Outside of what’s trending, Laura doesn’t have one specific color she favors for spring. So what might she do instead? 


“I like to transition from neutrals (camel, ivory, white, chocolate) to softer shades of greens, blues, and pinks.” This can be an easy solution if there isn’t a specific color that stands out to you either, or maybe you don’t want to stick to just one. You’re still able to bring color into your home in a subtle way.



Embrace the outdoors and warmer weather


Speaking of color, plants and candles make for great spring decor and give you opportunities to use those softer shades. Like Laura, you may want to swap out winter candle scents for florals or purchase fresh flowers from a local farmstand to bring some spring vibes inside.


Now’s also the time to think about how you can revamp your outdoor space (if you have one) and start a list of outdoor projects to help you make the most of those blue skies and sunny days.


“Spring is a great time to start planning on designs for our patios, decks, porches, and garden spaces,” shared Kent. “Outdoor furniture and decor are sometimes hard to get in stock once summer comes so Spring is the time to shop! A big trend is outdoor/indoor transitional entertaining and connecting the two spaces and making them cohesive is key.”



Get your home ready for the spring season


If you’re ready to embrace warm weather and longer days (we sure are!), then come visit us at one of our design centers. Our Design Consultants will help you find ways to transition from winter to spring so you can enjoy the beautiful season inside and outside of your home!


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