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Embrace the Season of Change: The Emotional Benefits of a Room Refresh

04 Aug 2023

I hate to be the one to break the news, but fall is not far away. Here in New England, that means spending more time cozying up in your home. With all the rich colors, fabulous textures, rich leathers, and new styles of furniture we have purchased at ‘market’ recently, the time couldn’t be better to work with one of our incredible designers at any of our stores or in your own home to rethink that tired room. The benefits of a room refresh are plenty.


Emotions in Every Detail

A room refresh is more than just rearranging furniture or adding a few new pillows; it’s a chance to infuse your living space with a new attitude and bring it to life. Imagine stepping into a room that perfectly reflects your style and personality – a room that instantly lifts your spirits and makes you feel at ease.

Our experienced interior designers understand that every detail, from the color palette to the choice of fabrics, plays a crucial role in evoking the feeling you crave in your home. They skillfully curate the ambiance that resonates with you, making your home a sanctuary of positive emotions.




Renewed Energy and Inspiration

Have you ever walked into a room and felt instantly drained or uninspired or, conversely, a room that immediately lifts your spirits? Your surroundings have a profound impact on your emotional well-being. A room refresh can rejuvenate your space and, in turn, revitalize your spirit. It’s like a breadth of fresh air, injecting new life and energy into your home. With our vast collections of furniture, thousands of fabric choices, leathers, décor options, and customization capability, our talented designers can create a space that inspires and encourages you to live your best life.


A Stress-Free Haven

Stress and anxiety have become all too common in today’s fast-paced world. Your home should be an oasis where you can unwind and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A room refresh can transform your space into a stress-free haven that promotes relaxation and comfort. Our designers understand the importance of creating a harmonious environment, ensuring that your home becomes a sanctuary where you can find solace after a long day.



A Reflection of Personal Growth and Changing Lifestyles

Our preferences and tastes change as we evolve, and our lifestyle needs change. That worn, once-beloved sofa that the kids could all pile onto may not align with your needs now. A room refresh allows you to align your living space with your current self.

Imagine a room that celebrates you, what feels good today, and an opportunity to surround yourself with items that reflect your spirit and what brings you joy. Embracing this change and allowing your home to evolve with you can be an incredibly fulfilling experience.


The Joy of Sharing

Your home reflects your personal style and is a space where cherished memories are made. A room refresh can enhance the joy of sharing your home with family and friends. Whether hosting gatherings, celebrating milestones, or simply spending quality time with loved ones, a thoughtfully designed space sets the stage for meaningful interactions and strengthens the bond between you and your guests.



Me-Time Retreat

Finally, a room refresh offers you the gift of self-care. Designing a space tailored to your desires and needs is an act of self-love. It carves out a space in your home dedicated to nurturing yourself, where you can indulge in your favorite activities, relax, and recharge. It’s a reminder that caring for yourself is essential, and your home should support that process.

At Circle Furniture, we love helping customers transform houses into homes that exude warmth, style, and emotion. Our team of talented interior designers is passionate about creating spaces that positively impact your life. So, as the fall season approaches, embrace the winds of change and let our designers guide you on a journey to rediscover the emotional benefits of a room refresh. Your heart and home will thank you for it.

If you want to meet with one of our incredible designers for help with your room or home refresh, click here to schedule a meeting.

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