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Buying a new home?
Planning for a baby?

Whether decorating an entire home or just looking for a few new pieces to finish off a room, a Circle Furniture Design Consultant would love to help you!


It's one of the most exciting times in your life...and one of the most overwhelming, by far! We know. We've created a registry for those out there who want to get a little more creative. Who needs another blender? Or more cutlery? How about a nice, new sofa or a gorgeous dining table?

Buying furniture for an entire home can now be something your friends and family help you with. Just add the items you're dreaming about to your registry. This is a great way to get that new sofa or dining table. Your guests can choose to purchase an item or add money to a gift card that can be used for any purchase from our stores or Outlet. It's that easy.

Congrats on your festive occasion! Let us know how we can help!

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