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Buying a new home?
Planning for a baby?

Whether decorating an entire home or just looking for a few new pieces to finish off a room, a Circle Furniture Design Consultant would love to help you!


Hosting a big event for yourself, family or friend?  Circle’s Gift Registry offers guests an easy way to give those “most wanted” items for virtually any occasion – from weddings to anniversaries to housewarming parties.  After all, who needs another toaster or blender?


Getting started is easy! Visit your nearest store and work with a Design Consultant to build your perfect wish list or browse our limited online selection. Then, simply create an account for yourself, or a special someone, filled with the items you would most love to have. Share your registry with family and friends, and then visitors to the registry can either purchase an item from the list or contribute towards a specific item. There is always the option to add money to a gift card that can be used for any purchase from our stores or Outlet.


Congratulations on your upcoming event. Questions?  Let us know how we can help!

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Join our wedding and gift registry at Circle Furniture and give someone a gift they will treasure for life.