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18 Oct 2023

How to Choose a New Sofa 


You’re thinking of purchasing a new sofa. Where to start? We conducted some research this spring to better understand what matters to people when searching for a new sofa.


A sofa is arguably the most important piece of furniture in your living room. You spend countless hours sitting on your sofa, so you want to choose the sofa that fits into your room décor perfectly; you want to ensure it is comfortable and will resist everyday wear and tear; and finally, it is made of healthy and sustainable materials.



Buying a Sofa Online vs. In-Store 


We learned that most people who care about purchasing a high-quality sofa begin searching online but want to go into a store to purchase their sofa. Many folks shared that they made the mistake of purchasing expensive furniture online, especially during COVID, and they ended up being burned.



Here’s what we heard about purchasing a sofa online.


“When the sofa arrived, it was hard as a rock. It was uncomfortable, and no one wanted to sit on it for a prolonged period. We kept it for a year and then couldn’t take it anymore. We sold it for a fraction of the cost on Facebook marketplace.”


“When the sofa arrived, it was NOT the color we saw online. It was shiny and garish looking. The material was tough and like plastic. Not at all what we had hoped. We will never make this mistake again”.


“The quality was abysmal. I knew at once the sofa was not constructed with hardwood. One afternoon of my kids jumping around, and this sofa would break. What a disappointment.”


“The sofa had a distinct smell that meant it had some chemicals that I knew likely weren’t safe for my family. I knew immediately this was not a sustainably crafted sofa and might make us sick.


We heard of the horror stories of attempting to ship sofas back and get a credit or refund. Money went down the drain.


This is why so many people search online for furniture but make the final decision in a store, working with people who take the time to listen and help guide the purchase. Sofas and new upholstered furniture are essential purchases, and for the money you spend, you want to be able to trust the company and by extension, the people you are working with.



Considerations for Choosing a Quality Sofa


There are many considerations when purchasing a quality sofa, from the fabric to the frame. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions about quality and cost, so you know the true value.


The Sofa Frame:


The first item to learn about is the sofa frame. You will want to ensure your sofa frame is made by a company that utilizes high-quality manufacturing practices. Today, inexpensive sofas are made from all kinds of softwoods and crazy wood replacements. Our sofas and upholstered furniture are made from top-quality wood sources in the USA.


Next up is the construction of the frame. If joints are stapled or nailed, this is NOT the sofa for you. The joints on our upholstered furniture are not nailed or stapled. They are made to last.


Sofa Springs:


You will want to learn about the springs in your sofa. High-quality springs equal comfortable cushions. The springs on our sofas are all equally spaced and securely attached to the frame. The best way to know if a sofa will be comfortable is to SIT on it.


Sofa Cushions


The cushions on your sofa matter too. Are you purchasing feather or foam? If you are purchasing a sofa with foam cushions, you will want to understand the density. The density refers to how much the foam weighs per cubic foot. Higher-density foam is more durable and will provide better support over time. And while we’re on foam used in upholstered furniture, note the type of foam used. Polyurethane foam breaks down more quickly than Latex foam. Some of our vendors are using soy-based foam and recycled fibers. This is good for the planet and a fresh, healthy alternative with long-lasting qualities.


Sofa Quality Wood and Fabric


Good sofas are heavy. A heavier sofa indicates that the sofa is made of solid wood. We work with brand partners who believe in sustainable measures to make their furniture, and they do not cut corners. And, of course, the fabric you select makes a difference, too. You will want to ensure you have a durable fabric, especially if the sofa needs to withstand everyday family wear and tear. The durable fabric falls under the name ‘performance’ fabric. Examples of suitable performance fabrics are Ultrasuede, Sunbrella, and Crypton. These fabrics can all be cleaned easily with mild soap and water. ?


We have all grades of fabrics and leathers, thousands to choose from. Our team of interior designers will help you select the right fabric grade, look, and style to match both your aesthetic and wear and tear needs.


Purchasing a new sofa is an exciting process. It can change the whole look of your room, how you use it, and how you feel in a room. At Circle Furniture, we want you to feel healthy and happy while enjoying your newly furnished room. A new sofa and room makeover feel great, and we go the extra mile to ensure every detail is just how it should be. See our selection of beautiful, high quality sofas here.

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