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18 Oct 2023
How to Choose a New Sofa    You’re thinking of purchasing a new sofa. Where to start? We conducted some research this spring to better understand what matters to people when searching for a new sofa.   A sofa is arguably the most important piece of furniture in your living room. You spend countless hours sitting on your sofa, so you want to choose the sofa that fits into your room décor perfectly; you want to ensure it is comfortable and will resist everyday wear and tear; and finally, it is made of healthy and sustainable materials.     Buying a Sofa Online vs. In-Store    We learned that most people who care about purchasing a high-quality sofa begin searching online but want to go into a store to ...
06 Sep 2023
Since the COVID-19 pandemic, dining rooms have taken a backseat in our homes. However, this year marks a turning point as families regain the confidence to come together and celebrate holidays together again. With Circle Furniture’s special dining table promotions throughout September and our commitment to quality craftsmanship and sustainability, now is the time to reimagine your dining room and rekindle the joy of gathering. Our expert interior designers are ready to guide you to find the perfect dining table that aligns with your style, needs, and space. Selecting the right dining table is crucial, considering various factors beyond aesthetics. Your dining table is a functional piece of furniture and a centerpiece for family gatherings and celebrations. Of course, our incredible interior ...
04 Aug 2023

Now is the perfect time to re-think and re-work that tired room with our great selection of pieces plus the expertise of Circle Furniture's incredible designers.

03 Nov 2022

When it comes to furnishing a dining room, finding the right chairs to place around your table is an important piece of the puzzle. Your dining chairs will dictate how comfortable you are when you sit down to eat, plus they can blend seamlessly into the design, soften the look, or bring color into the space.

25 Aug 2022

When looking into buying a sofa or an upholstered chair, one topic that must be addressed is the comparison of down vs. foam sofa cushions. Knowing their differences will help you make your best choice.


16 Aug 2022

Whether you work from home once a week or full time, a home office can make a difference in your productivity. The idea is to have a space that's both comfortable and functional; not to mention, it’s much better to have a dedicated space rather than a laptop placed on the kitchen counter.

09 Aug 2022

The X-Chair is one of our most requested and talked about products. If you work from home, regardless of whether it’s full-time or part-time, then comfort is incredibly important to ensure a productive day. The X-Chair could be just what you need.


Now the question is what exactly is an X-Chair and what makes it so comfortable? We’re breaking down everything you need to know, from cost to cons, so you can determine if it’s a worthwhile investment.