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05 Aug 2021

The recliner you sit in shouldn’t be too small or too big, but just right. You want it to be cozy and comfortable, and the wrong one could make it difficult for you to feel relaxed.


Recliners serve multiple purposes - from elevating your feet and supporting your body when you sit to having a comfortable spot to read or even sleep if you had surgery and need to be positioned upright. You’ll find there are a number of options available, which is why shopping for one requires careful consideration.


Renee Devlin, our Traveling Sales Manager, offered insight on the different types of recliners and what you should think about when buying one.


Types of recliners



A pushback recliner requires you to lean back by leveraging the armrests and using your body weight to recline. Other manual recliners feature a handle located on the outside of the chair’s body or a button on the inside arm panel that functions as a release.


Next is a power recliner. All you have to do is press a button and you’ll be fully reclined within seconds. Power recliners plug into the wall, but they also come with a separate battery pack if you want the flexibility to float yours anywhere in your space without being tied to a wall outlet.


You can also opt for a swivel recliner, which would work well if your home has an open floor plan because you’re able to easily adjust your positioning instead of moving an entire chair.


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What to consider when shopping for a recliner





Choosing a recliner is like choosing a mattress: you need to try several options to know what feels best for you. We recommend using the Goldilocks method to test out different recliners and see which one ends up being just right.


No matter what you’re looking for, the recliner you purchase should serve those needs:


“They should not have to use a pillow in any sense when they’re getting a recliner,” said Renee. “I’ve heard people say, ‘Oh, I’ll just tuck a little pillow behind me.’ You’re buying a new recliner, it should fit you and your body.”


Comfort is also important if you have neck or back pain, which is another reason why you should test your options.


Since sitting in the wrong chair could potentially make matters worse for any pain you may experience, you want to look for a well-made recliner. From the foam used in the cushions to the construction of the frame, investing in quality comfort will make a huge difference when you sit down.


Quality options for your back and neck include Stressless recliners, which are endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA). The Sunrise Stressless Recliner, for example, was designed with the Plus™ System to give you plenty of neck and lumbar support. It’s available in a few sizes to accommodate individuals of different heights with back pain. The Sunrise also comes with an ottoman that allows you to sit with your knees slightly bent and alleviate pressure from your lower back.


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As you’re looking for a recliner, think about what room it’s going in and where in the room. Will there be enough space for you to fully recline? Is it going to hit the wall? Will it look too bulky in a smaller room?


You also want to keep in mind the space a recliner will take up when it’s fully reclined to ensure it’s not going to hit the wall or other furniture.




The height of your recliner will depend on your own height, whether you need to make sure your head and neck are supported or that your feet comfortably reach the ground. CR Laine’s Noah Recliner is 43” high, making it ideal for someone who’s taller. If you need something shorter, you can try the Burke Re-Invented Recliner at 38” high.


Something else to consider is arm height, which can make a difference when you’re getting in and out of your recliner or while you’re sitting down to relax.




Some bases aren’t recommended for certain surfaces, so you’ll want to consider if your recliner is going on carpet or wood floor. The last thing you want is scratch marks on your beautiful hardwood floors!


Personal preference will also influence what kind of base you get. For some, wood legs are more appealing than stainless steel while those who want a modern look may opt for stainless.




Leather is ideal for recliners because it’s durable and long-lasting. For anyone who plans to sit in their recliner regularly, consider getting it in leather, and be sure to research the different types to know which option to choose. If you’re interested in learning more about leather to make the best decision for your recliner, click here.


Ordering a recliner in fabric is also an option, especially if you’re not a fan of leather. Something like the Viceroy Recliner comes in a range of fabric colors, plus it offers both style and comfort.


Come visit a showroom


Our Design Consultants can help you try on a few recliners for size to determine which one is best suited for you. Schedule your appointment or stop by one of our showrooms to find your perfect recliner!


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Author: Marycatherine Karcich