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06 Feb 2018

Will Correia, from our Pembroke showroom, recently took on an interior design project for clients who were building a Post and Beam house on a lake. They had designed the house, an 8,500 square ft. weekend house, with an architect but wanted a designer to help with the furniture and interior. Will is not only a Design Consultant at Circle but also a  member of the American Society of Interior Designers.  He interviewed them on the phone and after showing them his portfolio they hired him on the spot. Our typical approach working with clients focuses on the furniture and space planning. For more info on our Interior Design process, check out this short video. However, some design consultants feel comfortable navigating additional tasks such as wall color. Will went above and beyond. He assisted the architect in designing the house from the stone in the foundation to the shingles on the roof, and furnished the entire house with Circle Furniture. The clients say of Circle Furniture, "(we've) been going to Circle for many years"¦ (We) like the style and the quality, and the people are great to work with."



Overview of project:


As a family with grown children, the clients wanted to create a space that would be a homecoming for their family and a chance to spend quality time together by the lake. They describe, "We've been coming here for a long time, really since the 90's. We decided to knock down the old house and build new." The home has 5 bedrooms, 6 baths, and a dormitory that can sleep 10. They were looking for a neutral color scheme and subtle pops of color. Will suggested a monochromatic theme with taupe, gray, and tan. He felt that a quiet palette would impart a feeling of peace and a calming environment. Additionally, most of the house is done in wood, and Will wanted to work with the natural, woodsy environment and furnish the house with colors that mimic nature.   Maddie Wedge Sofa Read More: The Interior Design Process for Buying Furniture: From Start to Finish


How we helped:


He mainly utilized a monochromatic color scheme but used color where needed. For example, on the North side of the house, he used a granny smith apple color on the walls to brighten up a darker room. They also used colored glass doorknobs on the bedrooms to correspond with the color inside, making each guest room the "green room," "red room," etc. He also added pops of color with the bedding and carpet selection. Will describes, "It was a challenging space to furnish because the main living area of the home is octagon shaped." Instead of fighting the shape, he worked with it. He used the Maddie Wedge Sofa by the hearth on the fireplace to mirror the shape of the fireplace. He then used Holly Swivel chairs around the sofa, to make the entire room centered and inviting. Will used this keen sense of spacing in every area of the house. The couple had wanted the dining room table in front of the window, Will suggested it should be in the center of the room instead, with the upholstery on the outskirts. Will thoughtfully designed the house so that there were places for the family to come together and spend quality time, like the fireplace area, while also allowing everyone to have their own space in the house. He also wanted the house to be comfortable while remaining functional. He used a Power Reclining Sofa in the TV area, which extends while relaxing or watching TV.




The clients have been over the moon with the final project. One of their favorite spots is the fireplace area, and they love the custom walnut entertainment center. The house is exactly what they were looking for, a peaceful atmosphere that feels at home by the lake and provides a space for the family to come together. With neutral tones, subtle pops of color, and careful attention to space and detail, Will helped to design a home that his clients loved. So much so, in fact, that they hired Will again for an extension to their primary home. To get to know our other designers, check out our designer bio playlist on YouTube. For a closer look at some of our other interior design projects, take a look at our Houzz page. Or, come into any of our 6 locations and talk to a designer today. P.S. The beautiful photos of the house were taken by Natalia Foto, check out her website here. Interior Design Consultation