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29 Jun 2018

Many homeowners are choosing to transform their outdoor spaces into living areas that see regular use. Making your outdoor living space an upscale spot  in your home will encourage you to use the space more often. There are several ways to create a luxe outdoor space that will be frequently used by both family and friends this season.


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Choose Comfortable Seating


When using an outdoor living space one of the first things that a visitor will look for is a  peaceful spot to sit down and relax.


  • Consider choosing something that is both chic and durable enough to withstand the elements, like the Agave Outdoor Sofa
  • Make sure that pillows and fabrics can handle getting wet and that they are easy to clean.
  • Consider choosing a few sofas, or a combination of a sofa and individual chairs, to create a conversational seating area for a small group of visitors.


luxe, outdoor space, outdoor furniture, outdoor seating, interior design

Agave Outdoor Sofa


Add Ambiance


Nothing makes an outdoor space more breathtaking at night than installing outdoor lighting. Add some ambiance to your luxe outdoor living space by choosing lighting options that give off a soft yet inviting glow. Many outdoor lighting options are available, including different light bulb shapes and colors. Use a mixture of both hanging and free standing lighting to add  interest and light to the space.


Use Unique Plants


Upgrade your outdoor space by choosing unique plants that you don't commonly see in your area. Consider using a variety of shapes and sizes to help contour the overall look of your luxe outdoor living space. Exotic flowers like the Gloriosa offer rare beauty that would look great on top of an outdoor dining table. Saffron Crocus is another unique flower that would do well  as a potted plant in your outdoor space as well as providing  spice to your meals.


luxe, outdoor space, outdoor furniture, outdoor seating, interior design


Appeal to the Senses


The ultimate luxe outdoor space will not only be visually stunning but should also appeal to the senses. Add scent to your outdoor space by using fragrant plants like rose  or lavender that have a naturally pleasing aroma. Another option is to use an oil diffuser to help flood the area with fragrance. Adding soothing sounds to your outdoor space, like a babbling brook or a water feature, will immediately relax you and appeal to your senses  as you walk into the space.


luxe, outdoor space, outdoor furniture, outdoor seating, interior design


Make It Cozy


Outdoor areas will be used more often if the space has a cozy atmosphere.


  • Add outdoor rated pillows and blankets for easy use on a chilly morning.
  • For those in colder climates, consider adding heating elements that will keep a consistent and cozy temperature despite the weather.
  • For hotter climates consider using a shade system, umbrella, or pergola to help shade the sun in an effort to make your outdoor living space more appealing.


Creating a luxe outdoor living space is easy to do with the right embellishments. Consider adding comfortable seating to the area  and including cozy accents like extra pillows and blankets. Unique plants and flowers will instantly elevate the space. Adding  a variety of ambient lighting fixtures will create a soothing environment. Finally, appeal to the senses by adding touches of scent and sound  to create a luxe outdoor space that you will enjoy on a year round basis.


James Witts is an eco-conscious home improvement writer. He is constantly trying to find new ways to live off the grid while living in a tiny home with his wife, Andie.  

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