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03 Jan 2019

The latest trend in furniture Motion. Where motion used to be reserved for recliners, it can now be found in dining chairs, loveseats, even sectionals.


A power reclining sofa is a sofa with a built-in headrest and footrest that recline with the push of a button.


Unlike a manual reclining sofa, power sofas excel in ease of use and luxurious comfort. The motorized reclining system allows for a swift transition from seated to reclining.


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Are they right for you?


Determining whether or not a reclining sofa is the best option for you comes down to personal preference. Cindy Rubenfeld, our store manager in Middleton, explains "A lot of people are looking for that comfort level.


We're so busy these days, so when we come home we want to feel pampered. The ability to just push a button and be reclined on a sofa is what sets power sofas apart." A power sofa is for the person who wants to come home and instantly be transported into relaxation with the touch of the button. It's for the person who likes a little luxury in their life. And if you have a home movie theater, a power reclining sofa would be a welcome and fitting addition.


Besides the comfort level, Cindy points out that "it's beneficial for your circulation to rest with your legs up." Because these sofas are geared towards comfort, they tend to be deeper and cozier frames. But you have to love the style.


Cindy explains, "They usually run a little more contemporary style-wise. People generally want a sleeker look with a motorized system." If you prefer a more traditional approach to style, a power sofa may not be for you.


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It's also important to note that motorized reclining sofas need to be plugged into an outlet, although you can usually get a battery so you can float the sofa with no cords.


The luxury and comfort-level of a motorized sofa is really unparalleled when it comes to a seating experience. Because reclining sofas are an investment, you want to be sure that you're spending on quality.


The construction, as with the construction of any sofa, is immensely important and will play a big role in how well the sofa lasts.


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How much do they cost?


The cost of power sofas varies greatly depending on style, quality, and brand. They start at around the $2,000 mark and can go up to $8,000 or more depending on the fabric you choose, the style, and how well-constructed the sofa is.


The cost will also fluctuate depending on the fabric you put on the sofa. "Many people are looking for that ultra-luxurious feel so they opt for leather on a power sofa" Cindy explains.


Before you make a purchase, it's important to try it out in person and get information from a trusted designer about the construction so that you're not blindly buying a sofa that won't hold up.


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It's tough to quantify whether or not a power reclining sofa is right for you because it's really about personal preference. If comfort and relaxation are instrumental for you in terms of your home furniture, then a reclining sofa may be the perfect addition to your home.


However, they are an investment, so it's worth considering your options and learning about the quality of the sofa you choose to purchase. It may be the one thing missing that will take your living room to the next level, or you may decide to opt for a classic sofa instead and splurge on a recliner to pair it with.


If you think a power reclining sofa might be for you, come into one of our showrooms to learn more and try one out for yourself. Our designers are skilled in interior design and are able to determine what furniture is going to work for your unique lifestyle.


Here's some more information to help you on your sofa buying journey:



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