4 Simple Tips to Organize Your Bedroom

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27 Aug 2020

Of all the rooms in your home, the bedroom is one that should be a sanctuary – a place to escape to, rest, read, and sleep.


And, rest and rejuvenation don’t come easy when your room is disorganized or cluttered. Even if you’re not a clean freak, most of us feel more at ease in an organized space.


Here’s the best thing about taking the time to organize and streamline your bedroom: it means you’ll be cleaning less! When you have a system that works for you, your bedroom will always (or, most of the time) be your dream space – de-cluttered and peaceful.



Clean and clear


If you’ve read Marie Kondo, you know that the first step to a clean and organized space is a clear-out. Whether you do it in sections (closet one day, drawers the next), or all at once – taking everything out and assessing your belongings is like pressing a refresh button.


It allows you to see what you have, what you don’t want, and what’s no longer making you happy. Although it can seem daunting, the result is worth the effort.


Make a pile of clothes to keep, donate, and to sell. Find your nearest goodwill or use Thredup, an app that makes it easy to consign clothes without doing any work.



The clear-out also applies to other possessions – jewelry, books, etc. Keeping a curated selection of items you truly love is the perfect start to a bedroom that brings you peace of mind instead of anxiety.


And, when you clear out your wardrobe, you’ll most likely find space for storage that you’ve never had before.


Find a home


Speaking of storage, our next tip is a simple one but one that makes a big difference in how clean your space looks. Find a home for your belongings!


That means investing in cubbies, baskets, and small storage trays. This works well for large items (sheets, throws, sweatshirts, etc.), but it also works just as well for small things.


Play around with repurposed baskets, plant holders, and other storage possibilities to store items like essential oils, candles, jewelry, or skincare.  



Roll your clothes


All of these tips are essential, but this one might change your life! At the very least, it’ll change the amount of space in your dresser.


Rolling your clothes is not only a huge space-saver, but it’s also just a better way to get dressed. Stacking clothes in your drawer means 90% of your clothes are hiding away in a pile. When you roll them, you can see exactly what you’re looking for.


And, if you are a neat freak, there’s something very satisfying about seeing all of your clothes rolled up. Top tip: Use this tip when you travel. It’s a game-changer.


Find hidden storage


Storage is key to any organized room. And sometimes it’s the hidden storage that makes all the difference.


First, let’s talk about under-bed storage. If you have room under your bed, invest in a few plastic bins to store out of season clothes or extra throws and blankets. To avoid a closet stuffed to the brim with clothes, prepping for the season is key.


When the weather gets warmer, re-think your wardrobe and store your sweaters and jackets under your bed. The same goes for late September and October when it gets chilly again. To make this switch-over effortless, set an alarm on your phone at the beginning of each season to spend a few hours making your wardrobe weather-appropriate.



If you’re designing a new bedroom, consider investing in a bed with storage built-in. A bookcase bed provides extra storage for, yes, books - but also other nighttime essentials that you’d usually keep on your nightstand. And under-bed storage provides ample room for everything else.


Speaking of your nightstand, this is another simple investment that makes a big difference. A nightstand with an ample drawer and cubby below is a great way to add storage to a small room.


Final thoughts


The best way to keep an organized room is to keep things simple. Clear out what no longer serves you, find a home for what does, roll your clothes, and use all of the hidden storage you can find.


All it takes is a few dedicated hours to create the bedroom of your dreams. And, once you’ve organized, you might find you want an entirely new look altogether. That could be a small change like swapping out your duvet cover or an entire room makeover.


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