10 Oct 2019

Wires aren’t design elements anyone wants to highlight, so when planning or renovating your office, finding which desks have the best wire management will be at the top of the list.


To provide guidance for this desk search, as well as some general wire clutter clearing advice, we turned to Circle Furniture co-owner Richard Tubman. 

08 Oct 2019

Color is exciting. It’s energetic, enigmatic, and also extremely personal. One person’s favorite color is another person’s nightmare. And while some of us prefer neutral, earthy tones with minimal pops of color, others choose to go bold.

However, what does going bold with color mean? We think it sounds scarier than it is. Catherine Willey, our Store Manager in Framingham, walks us through all the different ways to incorporate bolder color in your home, whether you’re color shy or not.

03 Oct 2019

There are a lot of décor options out there that appear stylish on the outside, but then the question arises of how to determine quality in furniture. Is a piece that looks good today going to look good and function well in two, five, ten years?

A lot of thought and planning goes into getting your home just so. You want furniture that will remain beautiful in the long term.

To help guide us in what to look for when seeking high-quality furniture, we spoke with Circle Furniture’s Framingham store manager, Catherine Willey.


01 Oct 2019

There’s always something new going on in our showrooms, and this designer’s pick of the week homes right in on a gorgeous newly available look at the Cambridge store.

Design professional Hawley Appleton can’t keep her eyes off of the sustainably made Tractor Seat Counter and Bar stools from Copeland, part of the Modern Farmhouse Collection.

26 Sep 2019

Buying your first home is exciting for so many reasons and it’s oftentimes the biggest purchase you’ll be making to date. We’re here to help make furnishing your first home a fun, non-stressful process. We enlisted the help of our store manager in Cambridge, Georgianna Stevens, to get her top tips and expert knowledge on buying furniture for a first home.


23 Sep 2019

It’s coming on fall and that means cooler weather and shorter days, snuggling up with a good book and time in front of the fire. And there is no more perfect place to experience this than in the excellent comfort of a quality sofa.

We’re not certain that’s why design professional Valerie Folan at our Middleton location chose the Savoy Sofa by American Leather for her pick of the week, but it certainly meets that need. Valerie did tell us many other reasons she loves this piece.

19 Sep 2019

When updating décor or moving, you’re faced with the often challenging question of what to do with your old furniture. We spoke to Circle Furniture’s Boston location manager Linda Maguire to get some tips about dealing with pieces you already own.

Linda recently completed a downsizing move, so she was freshly well versed on how to approach this conundrum.