29 Jun 2022

Multifunctional furniture is just what it sounds like: furniture that serves more than one purpose. It can help save you money (who doesn’t love that?) and space if you live in a smaller home or just want something convenient.

23 Jun 2022

There’s nothing like a home that’s open and bright, giving off feel-good vibes that you’ll love walking into everyday. If you’ve ever been in a generally dark room, then we imagine you weren’t getting those warm and fuzzies.

22 Jun 2022

Extension tables conveniently allow you to transform your dining room or kitchen area into a comfortable gathering space. Choosing the right one depends on how often you’ll be using it and how much room you have. Someone who enjoys hosting may need a sizable table as opposed to someone who lives in a smaller home, but likes to have a few friends over from time to time.

16 Jun 2022

You could say it’s sustainability, or even a quality-focused design philosophy. Either way, we’re excited to introduce Himolla furniture onto our floors.

13 Jun 2022

The good vibes of summer are unlike any other time of year, urging you to get outside and soak in every minute of the warm weather. Kent Larick, our Visual Merchandiser, described it as wanting to “celebrate and feel like you are on a vacation or at a beautiful resort.”

06 Jun 2022

Performance fabrics are more than your favorite Dri-Fit running tee. In fact, these durable, comfortable fabrics are arguably best used on upholstery.


If you wonder whether or not a performance fabric would be a good fit for your furniture, or maybe you’re not sure what they are, read on to learn more.

02 Jun 2022

Jujus hats: they’re fun, they’re decorative, and they look great hanging on the wall. But what exactly are they?


Since we’ve recently introduced Juju hats into our home decor collection, we wanted to shed some light on these eye-catching fixtures so you know where they come from and how to use them in your space.