04 Oct 2022

Since the beginning, Circle Furniture has called Massachusetts its home. We’ve grown into six design center locations across the state, helping to create dream spaces within each of those different communities.


After having a huge presence here for the last 70 years, we’re taking our journey north to beautiful Portsmouth, NH.

27 Sep 2022

Mattress care: it’s more important than some may realize. You want your mattress to last, and this typically means investing in one of good quality. The thing is, you shouldn’t rely solely on the makings of a well-constructed product to ensure it will last as long as it’s meant to without any issues.

19 Sep 2022

If you’ve ever been mattress shopping with your spouse or significant other, then you may know that trying to find something that’s going to meet both of your needs isn’t the easiest process. Ending up in an argument over who sleeps better at night isn’t how you want this experience to go, but it can happen (and let’s be real, there’s nothing like a good night’s sleep when you’re both well-rested).

14 Sep 2022

Light wears many different hats in the home: it can set the mood, help you accomplish a task, and bring much-needed brightness to a space that may otherwise come off as cold and uninviting.

08 Sep 2022

If your basement lacks function, turn this forgotten room into a fun space the whole family can enjoy! From competitive game nights to snack-filled movie nights, we have no doubt there’s a perfect basement setup for everyone.

01 Sep 2022

Sitting at your desk in an uncomfortable chair isn’t an ideal way to spend your work days. Regardless of whether you’re at home or in the office, a quality chair is going to help you focus and get through that to-do list.

25 Aug 2022

When looking into buying a sofa or an upholstered chair, one topic that must be addressed is the comparison of down vs. foam sofa cushions. Knowing their differences will help you make your best choice.