21 Jan 2022

When you first see the Louise by Norwalk Furniture, it may look like just another sectional. But what you may not realize is that it’s fully customizable with different style options you can pick and choose from to design your perfect piece. It’s like having a sectional that was made specifically for your home.

18 Jan 2022

When it comes to design trends, there's been a large push in recent years to focus on more than just how things look. The comfort and utility of everything in a space can make a difference in how it is perceived and how the people who live in it feel.


Design trends can be hard to follow, so here are 5 trends of 2022 and how they'll affect every part of your living experience at home.

31 Dec 2021

Take a moment to think about the lighting in your home: Does each room have a sufficient amount of light to perform whichever tasks are intended for that space? Is there a particular room that feels cold and uninviting compared to the rest?


Your answers will provide a better understanding of whether or not your home is equipped with the appropriate type of lighting for each space. What you have in your kitchen will be different from what’s in your living room, and so on.

16 Dec 2021

Our collaboration with local artist Carolyn Mackin was a natural fit. We previously partnered with her in 2019 for a painting workshop she led in our Framingham showroom where we’ve displayed her work. This past summer, we decided to expand our collection and offer framed Carolyn Mackin originals.

26 Nov 2021

A model unit has a big role to play: it’s purpose is to appeal to potential buyers and show them how it could suit their lifestyle. It should help them say, “Yes, I can see myself living here.”


This was the goal for our Commercial Properties Interior Designer, Teri Carrier, and her team. Their challenge was to furnish and design a 1-bedroom with den model unit for EchelonSeaport, a luxury condominium complex located in Boston’s Seaport District.

23 Nov 2021

When the weather gets chillier, I always seem to find myself mixing up a delicious dish in the kitchen a little more often - whether it’s a batch of breakfast biscuits or a filling autumn vegetable soup for dinner. Making the kitchen your own is key to feeling comfortable and happy in your space while capturing the essence of hygge.


Sometimes it can feel like a challenge to switch things up for the seasons. If your kitchen is primarily decked out in whites and neutrals, giving you a uniform canvas to work with, how can you bring out the feelings of fall and winter?

12 Nov 2021

As the year draws to a close, we're setting our sights on what's coming in 2022. For color trends, we look to paint makers like Sherwin Williams for their annual Color of the Year reveal. Their pick for 2022 is Evergreen Fog.


At first glance, Evergreen Fog appears to be a subtle choice. It's a green, muted hue that's easy on the eyes. So why did it earn the title of Color of the Year?