16 Aug 2022

Whether you work from home once a week or full time, a home office can make a difference in your productivity. The idea is to have a space that's both comfortable and functional; not to mention, it’s much better to have a dedicated space rather than a laptop placed on the kitchen counter.

12 Aug 2022

If you’re in need of functional furniture with modern appeal, BDI may have what you’re looking for. Within each of their numerous collections, you’ll find quality furniture that’s beautifully made and designed for everyday use. You have the ability to create a cohesive look with a complete BDI setup or choose a couple of pieces that will work with what you already own.

09 Aug 2022

The X-Chair is one of our most requested and talked about products. If you work from home, regardless of whether it’s full-time or part-time, then comfort is incredibly important to ensure a productive day. The X-Chair could be just what you need.


Now the question is what exactly is an X-Chair and what makes it so comfortable? We’re breaking down everything you need to know, from cost to cons, so you can determine if it’s a worthwhile investment.

03 Aug 2022

How do you choose between two sofas that look identical?


The Stella Sofa from Lee and the Portside Sofa from CR Laine are like twins. They both have clean designs and a classic look, so you may not even realize they’re different.

26 Jul 2022

It’s likely that comfort is one of the main things you look for in a sofa with little room for compromise, and we get it! Watching a movie, hanging out with family, or even taking a quick afternoon snooze all call for a cozy spot you can count on when it’s time to unwind.

19 Jul 2022

Home design can be an entire project that needs a space plan, budget, and time. It can yield incredible results, but in this world of instant gratification, sometimes you don't want to do a massive overhaul. Fortunately, all you may need to do is make small, simple changes that will end up having a significant impact on how your space looks.

18 Jul 2022

There’s nothing more disappointing than making a purchase and then getting home to learn that it wasn’t the right choice. Returning it might be a hassle, but keeping it is no good either.


When it comes to furniture shopping, you can save yourself the headache and ensure you enter a showroom feeling prepared and leave with confidence about your decisions. Just keep reading to learn what common mistakes you can avoid while you’re out looking for a new sectional or the perfect recliner.