15 Nov 2022

Picture it:


You’re approaching your home on a cold night that’s hinting at the possibility of snow. The lights in every window twinkle “Hello” as you pull into the driveway. As soon as you start opening the door, it all hits you: a crackling fire that warms your insides, the smell of sweets baking in the oven, and that familiar song you know oh-so well.

10 Nov 2022

When an area of your home feels a little lifeless, all you may need is some light to give it a completely new vibe - one that radiates warmth and invites you to cozy up. Achieving this requires careful consideration of the different areas in your home and what they need light for.

07 Nov 2022

Few elements are as beloved as the accent chair in interior design. They provide extra seating and serve as statement pieces, allowing us to break free from some of the strictest design rules.

03 Nov 2022

When it comes to furnishing a dining room, finding the right chairs to place around your table is an important piece of the puzzle. Your dining chairs will dictate how comfortable you are when you sit down to eat, plus they can blend seamlessly into the design, soften the look, or bring color into the space.

26 Oct 2022

There may have been a time in your life when you weren’t paying attention to how the furniture you bought was made or you didn’t care if it was going to last more than 5 years. You just needed something to do its job, whether to keep your clothes off the floor or have a spot to eat (and we don’t mean on the couch in front of the TV).

21 Oct 2022

A significant reason to care for your furniture, and arguably the most important reason, is to ensure its longevity and appearance. Yes, quality furniture is meant to last, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect proper care.

06 Oct 2022

Sometimes the best seat in the house is that ol’ recliner you can sink into and stay a while. It might be your go-to spot where you can nap, watch an episode of your favorite show, or take a few moments to pause. Something that’s used so often should be well-made and always ready for you and your needs.