17 Dec 2020

I think this year, more than ever, is the time to embrace brightness in your home. To bring in the light – figuratively and literally.

New England winters, especially in these early days when it feels like the sun sets three seconds after it rises, can be a dark time. Sure, we all love the snow and those perfect winter days when the sky is shockingly blue. But when it’s cold and blustery outside, you want your home to feel like a warming tonic.

11 Dec 2020
We're always in favor of shopping locally - but this year, it's more important than ever. As Boston natives, nothing makes us happier than being able to support the local stores surrounding Boston and Massachusetts. Small businesses add unique character to our towns, and we don't want to be without them! 
From gourmet coffee and chocolate to gifts for your nephews, we've highlighted a few of our favorite stores to shop with this holiday season (and snuck in a few of our own favorite goodies as well.)
08 Dec 2020

From colonial to shaker to post-modern, America has a rich history of furniture-making and woodworking. Here at Circle Furniture, we’re invested in the craftsmanship of American furniture and are proud to partner with factories that produce high-quality, sustainably-made furniture.


We carefully research every manufacturer before we put the Circle stamp on it. The majority of our wood products are made right here in New England by craftspeople whose life work is to create beautiful, quality furniture.

04 Dec 2020

If you know anything about hardwood furniture, you probably know that the piece you buy isn't going to look the same in a few years. Like leather, wood is a natural living material. Inevitably, it ages and changes over time. Thankfully, and similarly to leather, high-quality wood furniture ages like a fine wine - only getting richer and more beautiful with time.

24 Nov 2020

Winter is around the corner, and the colder it gets outside, the cozier you want your home to be. Warm lighting, furry textures, sheepskin throws—all the trappings of a cozy home designed to keep out the cold.

We’re breaking down all the simple tricks you can use to transition your home to winter.

18 Nov 2020

Regardless of how big your design project is, starting from a blank canvas can be intimidating. And, when you’re investing money into anything, you want to be sure you’re making informed decisions.

That’s where we come in. A design consultation is a chance to meet with a trained and educated designer and work with them to craft a unique room plan that works for you.

They’ll ask the right questions, streamline the selection process, work with your budget, and do everything they can to create a space you love to live in.

17 Nov 2020

There are a lot of options for furniture shopping in the Boston area and navigating them all can be overwhelming. We help thousands of customers each year find and customize the perfect furniture to fit both their lifestyle and needs. However, as much as we love helping Bostonians furnish their homes, we realize this is a big decision, and making an investment in your home comes with a lot of decisions. 

Rather than turn you away to research other local furniture stores on your own, we compiled a list of the five best furniture companies in Boston that we highly respect. So, if it turns out Circle Furniture isn't a good fit for you, here are five stores you might want to check out. This selection of stores spans Greater Boston; including the areas surrounding Cambridge, Framingham, Middleton, Acton, and Pembroke.