18 Jan 2023

Have you ever heard of the term “fast fashion”? It encourages people to shop whenever a new trend hits the racks, satisfying the desire to keep up with what’s popular. The problem is that these clothing items are typically inexpensive and made of poor quality, and you can easily dispose of them as those new trends arise.

12 Jan 2023

The connections and relationships we build help us do what we love every day: design and furnish beautiful homes. Years of collaboration with New England-based vendors like Copeland (Vermont), Saloom (Masscahusetts), Woodforms (Massachusetts), and more allow us to support the local community and work with like-minded people who share our vision around quality and sustainability.

21 Dec 2022

Taking down your holiday decor once the festivities are over can leave your home feeling bare and maybe a little unwelcoming. This period after the holidays and before spring may not inspire much creativity, but it doesn’t mean you have to sit with an empty space.

14 Dec 2022

Color plays a huge role in home design, so it’s no surprise that there’s a constant flow of new trends to predict what could be on everyone’s radar for the foreseeable future.

09 Dec 2022

As someone who’s likely spent time as a guest in other people’s homes, think about what sort of experiences you’ve had and what made you feel comfortable in a space that wasn’t yours. How can you do the same when you have people come to stay and why is it important?

01 Dec 2022

Each of our design centers is home to a diverse collection of furniture meant to meet the needs of different lifestyles. In our Cambridge location is the Elran 7000 Series, a top choice for Richa Sinha, our Store Manager.

23 Nov 2022

There’s always excitement as the holiday season approaches. Getting your home ready for this special time of year can be really fun as you unpack boxes of lights and decorations, but doing it for winter and the holidays can be a tricky task. When setting up your home for both occasions, how can you make sure it remains cozy and festive, even after the holidays are over?