13 Feb 2020

Home design can sometimes be an entire project; one that needs a space plan, a budget, a time-frame, and a waiting game. And it can yield incredible results. But in this world of instant gratification sometimes you don't want to do a massive overhaul.

We're taking you room by room to show you the small changes you can make to your home that have a big reward.


13 Feb 2020

We decided to take a retrospective look into 2019 with our Sales Director, Gary. What were our best selling products and why? What trends are we seeing for the year to come?

To start, when asked to describe the year as a whole, Gary says, “The family room is still the part of the home that our customers are most concerned about when they’re thinking about decorating. It’s the nucleus of the home and the area where the whole family hangs out.”

07 Feb 2020

Although the appearance of a sofa is important, there’s a lot more to consider when it comes to choosing one for your home. As with any major furniture investment, we think it’s a good idea to take time to weigh your options.

And one of the decisions you’ll have to make is whether you want a tight back sofa or a loose back sofa. We’re taking it back to basics and running through what a tight back sofa is versus a loose back, what are their pros and cons, and how to make the best decision for your lifestyle.

06 Feb 2020

Traditionally, spring is the season associated with renewal—refreshing your home, reorganizing your kitchen cabinets, etc. We love using spring as an excuse (not that you need one!) to spruce up your home and incorporate fresh styles and colors.

We spoke to Cindy, our Store Manager in Middleton to get her perspective on the latest color trends that she’s loving for spring—from soft blush tones to lively green.

31 Jan 2020

Sofa shopping can very quickly lead to a lot of questions. What’s the difference between tight-back and loose-back? Which construction styles will last the longest?

As always, we hope to be a helpful and informative resource when it comes to all things furniture and home décor. So, to lessen the stress of the shopping process, we’re giving you a full encyclopedia of words that you might encounter when you’re shopping for a sofa.

30 Jan 2020

When it comes to choosing dining chairs for your home, there are a lot of factors to consider. Style, price, color, and comfort, to name a few. Not all dining chairs are made equal, and the last thing you want is to spend a few weeks with your new dining chairs and realize they’re not as comfortable as you hoped.

We’re here to point out the key qualities that you should look for when choosing a dining chair. We talked to Catherine Willey, our Store Manager in Framingham  to learn everything there is to know about comfortable dining chairs as well as her top picks from our collection.  

23 Jan 2020

We’re back again with an unlikely pairing to warm you up, get you cozy, and maybe even inspire a décor change in your home. And if not a décor change, then a change in your beverage preferences.

We met up with our resident tea and coffee expert, Eric Bailey, to discuss his favorite teas and the chairs he’d pair them with. We can’t claim this an exact science but we can claim that it’s informative and, most importantly, fun.