2015 Style Trends: Moving In and Moving Out

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12 Jan 2015
The 2015 style shifts are just beginning as we emerge from the age of greys, patterns, and vintage. We are moving onto something new; but what will "it" be Trends and styles can be hard to predict and keep up with as they are constantly changing. We will learn from these industry leaders what they believe will be moving out, and what will be moving in. Andrew Corrie In: Authenticity Out: Chalkboard Paint, Faux Fur Andrew Corrie tells us what each new trend will boil down to: authenticity. Andrew believes that we have been trying too hard to be what we are not. The new trends will focus around getting back to showing our true authenticity.   Genevieve Gorder WARNING: Genevieve Gorder is not afraid to hold back in this lecture and uses ┬ásome profound language. In: Vikings, Texture, Detroit Out: Stainless Steel, Granite Returning to glory will be in according to Gorder as both Vikings and Detroit will reclaim their thrones. The Nordic trends will replace stainless steel and granite on our trends of the future along with bold new textures.