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American Leather Comfort Sleeper: Comparisons, Price, and Reviews

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15 Sep 2017

There are a lot of sleeper sofas on the market today. Call them what you'd like (pull-out couches, sleeper sofas, sofa beds, hide-a-bed), but the idea is singular: sofa during the day, mattress during the night.


Here's the thing: though the concept may be the same, not all sleeper sofas are created equally. There are many things to look for when purchasing a sleeper sofa.


More specifically, the American Leather Comfort Sleeper (the one you'll find here at Circle Furniture) isn't the same as the American Leather sleeper sofa that you'll find at other retailers, and it's definitely not the same sleeper sofa that you'd find in your everyday furniture store.


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What is the American Leather Comfort Sleeper?


The American Leather Comfort Sleeper sofa is a favorite of ours, and for a good reason: gone are the days of paper-thin mattresses supported by flimsy bars that leave you (or your guests) feeling awful in the morning.


But what is it exactly that sets the American Leather Comfort Sleeper apart from other pull-out couches?


American Leather's promise of "no bars, no springs, no sagging" is just the beginning of the story. The mattress is comfortable. Really comfortable.


When was the last time you slept on a pull-out with a Tempur-Pedic mattress?  The Original Comfort Sleeper is American Leather's flagship sleeper sofa. It's patented platform and mechanism make this an easy to use and very comfortable sleeper sofa.


But, there are other American Leather models of sleep sofas in the marketplace. The Everyday Sleeper, the Day and Night Sleeper, Bronze and Silver sleepers were created to "appeal to a broader range of customers" at a lower price point.


So, what are the differences between the original American Leather Comfort Sleeper, and the other options in the market?


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Where you'll find them


The original American Leather Comfort Sleeper is displayed in every Circle Furniture showroom. The Everyday Sleeper can be seen at retailers like Bloomingdale's, Room & Board, Macy's, and Crate and Barrel.


The Bronze and Silver Comfort Sleepers are also available to Circle customers if they prefer those models. We know everyone is shopping for the best deal - so here are some important things to keep in mind to make the best decision for you in this investment. There is more to a deal than price.


Choices, choices, choices


Bed Size:


    • The original Comfort Sleeper comes in a variety of sizes: King, Queen, Queen Plus, Full, Twin, Cot and Double Cot, while Bronze and Silver come in a limited range of sizes.
    • Silver comes in Queen, Queen Plus, Full and Twin while Bronze comes in Queen.
    • Because of its unique design, all sleepers give 5" more of length in the mattress without sacrificing space in your room.
    • If you live in a small space or have a narrow doorway, both of which we are very familiar with here in New England, the Comfort Sleeper can be disassembled to fit in your home.




    • The Original Comfort Sleeper comes in a 4" and 5" mattresses with your selection of three different materials: Tempur-Pedic, gel, and premier foam.
    • The Silver Sleeper comes with a 4" gel mattress.
    • The Bronze Sleeper comes with a 4" foam mattress.
    • The Everyday Sleeper comes with a 4" foam mattress.
    • The true Comfort Sleeper premier mattress comes standard with a Crypton ticking that is water resistant, durable, antimicrobial, and anti-fungal. This Crypton cover is not available on the Silver, Bronze or Everyday models.


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Upholstery & Design:


    • The Comfort Sleeper has an unlimited selection of fabrics. Circle Furniture offers the full line of American Leather's fabrics, leathers, even Crypton and Ultrasuede. We can even upholster your Comfort Sleeper in any material you choose from a source of your own or a variety of fabric suppliers we work with such as Duralee, Kravet, and Robert Abbey.
    • Further, there's an unlimited number of configurations: a selection of 18 arm styles, leg styles, and sectional pieces so whatever you can dream up can be accomplished.
    • The Silver and Bronze Sleepers are limited in regards to their fabrics and styles. (The Silver Sleeper has three styles while the Bronze has two.)
    • The Everyday Sleeper is also limited to a few select fabrics and sizes. If those sizes or fabric styles work that is wonderful, but if they don't they original Comfort Sleeper will be more customizable.


American Leather Gina Comfort Sleeper Sectional




The original Comfort Sleeper has the capability to close with the bedding still on it. However, this isn't recommended with sheets that are fitted, as they can cause the foam to become misshapen.


If you do decide to leave non-fitted sheets on, just be careful that extra fabric doesn't get caught in the mechanism.


The Everyday, Bronze, and Silver versions of the Comfort Sleeper will not store with the sheets left on the mattress.


For folks that plan to use this only in case of emergencies, or who love to make a bed, this might not be such a bad deal.




The big one. These sleepers can differ in price, for a standard queen size, to the tune of about $600 without additional upgrades to the mattress, fabric or leather.  


For the original Comfort Sleeper, again in a queen size for reference, you should expect to pay, on average, three to four thousand dollars depending on the mattress and fabric or leather.


Keep in mind that this sleep sofa comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and suspension plus a ten-year warranty on the bed mechanism.




We mentioned the mechanism has a ten-year warranty - but did we also mention it is patented technology only available in the original Comfort Sleeper? 


The patented system on the original American Leather Comfort Sleeper makes it easy for anyone to pull out and put back in. Again, if you are feeling strong or don't think the sleeper will be utilized enough for this to be worth the additional cost, it may not be the best fit for you.


However, we do recommend you try using the mechanism on the original Comfort Sleeper to understand the difference.


Do the differences matter?


In short, that is an issue of personal preference. What do you value? Do you appreciate the ease of closing a sleeper sofa with all of the bedding still on it?


How about the choice between different mattress sizes or mattress materials? 


The differences between the American Leather Comfort Sleeper, the Sleeper Silver, and the Sleeper Bronze could be fair if you love gel mattresses over foam, or if you'd like the full range of upholstery covers.  


Other than the incredible night's sleep that you'd get on a Comfort Sleeper over a traditional sleeper, the value in the American Leather Comfort Sleeper system rests in its choices.


It is very similar to buying a car - if you are going to use the bells and whistles then why not spring for them? 


If interested, you can check out Circle Furniture's selection of Comfort Sleepers here.


Don't forget to ask about all of the different options for customizing your new sofa. Come into any of our 6 locations and chat with a designer!   We hope to see you soon!


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