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11 May 2020

With the country on lockdown, many of you have left your apartments, schools, and cities to stay at your parent’s house and (if it hasn’t been turned into a gym) your childhood bedrooms.


Although there may be more pressing issues at the top of your mind, staying in your parent’s house for an extended amount of time can bring up some challenges.


Should you fall asleep every night with posters from the 90s staring down at you? Should you work in the kitchen or in the spare room that hasn’t seen an office chair in 10 years?


We’re here to help make the space feel a little more like yours, at least for the time being.


Find designated spaces



It’s a good idea to find a designated space in the house to work that separates your workday from the rest of the day.


And regardless of where that space is, don’t forget to set yourself up in a way that’s going to be comfortable. Staring down at your laptop while slouching on the couch, though tempting, is probably not going to be the best situation for your neck at the end of the day.


An addition like a laptop desk can make a world of difference when it comes to setting up a makeshift office in a small area at home. The same goes for a comfortable and ergonomic office chair. And if you can, set it up by a window for all-day sunlight that you may not have gotten in an office.


A quick tip: If you don’t want to invest in a desk, stack up books on a table to rest your laptop on. The idea is to have the screen at your eye line so you won’t strain your neck.


Clean and organize



Yes, it’s cliché. But it also really helps!


If you’re staying in a bedroom-turned-guest room, take some time to organize the space and make it comfortable for a longer stay.


It may mean moving the bed to another side of the room, tossing old wall decorations that crowd the space, or just doing a deep clean. At the very least, it’s a way to pass the time.


Simple additions



It doesn’t take much to convert your teenage bedroom to a space that feels a little more like you. Take down or stow away the things that don’t bring you joy, and add simple touches that do.


Plants if you can get them (or swipe one from your parent’s collection) are never a bad idea. The same goes for candles, diffusers, room sprays, and any scents that remind you of your place.


The easiest and most effective way to instantly change the feel of a bedroom is to change the bedding. If the walls are brighter than you prefer, choose neutral, monochromatic bedding. If you want to add interest and color, opt for a fun, lively print.  


Buy an art print to brighten the space and, whenever possible, support local businesses.


Make the most of what you have 


While we’re home and staying safe, it’s important to take care of your mental health too—and, for most of us, our environment has a huge impact on how we feel.


Regardless of how far you take it, we encourage you to take a few steps towards making the space your own.


Whether you’re a student home for longer than you thought or you’ve left your city apartment to get some space in the suburbs, there are so many simple ways to claim a little space in the house that feels like you.


As always, we’re here to help with any of your design questions. Follow our Instagram for inspiration and simple tips and tricks.


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Author: Julia Maiman

Julia is a writer, blogger, and believer in the smell of old books. She has been crafting stories since she could put pen to paper. She is also a lover of dogs, traveling, and Led Zeppelin.