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21 Nov 2019

Autumn is a beautiful time of year in New England, the landscape is ablaze with orange, red, and yellow, and the air is a crisp respite from the summer humidity. Along with autumn comes Thanksgiving. And with Thanksgiving comes family gathering, a hearty meal, and perhaps a little stress. 

If you've hosted Thanksgiving then you know there's a lot to think about, before even considering how you'll lay out the table. 

However, the tablescape, if done in advance, doesn't need to add to your stress. In fact, it can be a creative form of expression and a chance to make the holiday that much more special. Here are some simple ways to adorn your Thanksgiving table and impress your guests.

20 Nov 2019

Metal accents in furniture and décor offer a huge array of options for your home. Metal can add sheen and edginess, an industrial feel, or elegance.

Hand-worked metal adds a touch of craft. Metal can be cast into any shape or figure or decorative genre. It can be black, bronze, silver, copper—or painted any color you choose. The finish can be brushed, shiny, or matte.

Juxtaposed against the softness of fabric, the organic feel of wood, or the transparency of glass, metal provides interesting textual crossroads.

13 Nov 2019

Accessorizing is generally the last step in the home design process. It's also the step that ties everything together and brings character to the home. Accessorizing is really about bringing your own sense of style and personality into your home. That doesn't mean it can't be overwhelming at times. These simple tips will give you everything you need to accessorize your home without the stress.


12 Nov 2019

When we asked Circle Furniture Visual Merchandiser Brian Bechard for his advice on how to design a foyer, he unhesitantly replied: “Make it clean and clutter free.”

The foyer sits adjacent to your front door, so it’s the first, as well as the last, impression anyone will have of the space you live in.

“Your foyer sets the tone,” says Brian. “You want it to be beautiful and welcoming.”

28 Oct 2019

There are many interior design tactics you can use if you’re looking for how to make your bedroom feel bigger. The walls of your home are a fixed reality, so much as you may want a larger room to sleep in, that may not be an option.

The way you decorate, however, has a huge impact on how large your room feels. And how a space feels is a critical aspect of how much pleasure it gives you.

Circle Furniture’s Boston store manager Linda Maguire provides several easy-to-implement ideas to give your bedroom a more spacious appearance.

08 Oct 2019

Color is exciting. It’s energetic, enigmatic, and also extremely personal. One person’s favorite color is another person’s nightmare. And while some of us prefer neutral, earthy tones with minimal pops of color, others choose to go bold.

However, what does going bold with color mean? We think it sounds scarier than it is. Catherine Willey, our Store Manager in Framingham, walks us through all the different ways to incorporate bolder color in your home, whether you’re color shy or not.

23 Sep 2019

It’s coming on fall and that means cooler weather and shorter days, snuggling up with a good book and time in front of the fire. And there is no more perfect place to experience this than in the excellent comfort of a quality sofa.

We’re not certain that’s why design professional Valerie Folan at our Middleton location chose the Savoy Sofa by American Leather for her pick of the week, but it certainly meets that need. Valerie did tell us many other reasons she loves this piece.

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