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08 Oct 2019

Color is exciting. It’s energetic, enigmatic, and also extremely personal. One person’s favorite color is another person’s nightmare. And while some of us prefer neutral, earthy tones with minimal pops of color, others choose to go bold.

However, what does going bold with color mean? We think it sounds scarier than it is. Catherine Willey, our Store Manager in Framingham, walks us through all the different ways to incorporate bolder color in your home, whether you’re color shy or not.

23 Sep 2019

It’s coming on fall and that means cooler weather and shorter days, snuggling up with a good book and time in front of the fire. And there is no more perfect place to experience this than in the excellent comfort of a quality sofa.

We’re not certain that’s why design professional Valerie Folan at our Middleton location chose the Savoy Sofa by American Leather for her pick of the week, but it certainly meets that need. Valerie did tell us many other reasons she loves this piece.

28 Aug 2019
Downsizing is a complicated transition; it requires letting go and embracing change. While it can be difficult, it's also incredibly exciting. It's a chance to start over, live in a more functional space, and design a home that's catered to your new lifestyle.   We had a chance to visit Betsy, one of our Design Consultants in Pembroke, in her new home in The Pinehills. She talked to us about her experience downsizing and how fun the design process was.     What is the Pinehills?     The Pinehills is, in their words, "a new take on the classic New England village, offering inspired new homes and daily adventure in Plymouth, Massachusetts." They have an emphasis on green space and offer individual homes of all sizes; condominiums, ...
25 Jul 2019
At Circle Furniture, two distinctly different but popular sleeper sofas we offer are the American Leather Comfort Sleeper and the Monika Sleeper. Here we compare the two, highlighting their salient similarities and differences to help you in your decision-making process.   To provide insight and expertise to this process, we spoke to Circle Furniture Boston store showroom manager Linda Maguire.   Today's sleeper sofas: Elegant design, quality sleep   Since Bernard Castro popularized his Castro Convertible sleeper sofas in the mid-1900s, this smart two-in-one piece has become a fixture for easy room-use changeability and space saving.   Problem was, however, that neither the couch nor the bed were particularly comfortable early on, and the pull-out mechanisms (despite Castro's ad claims that "even a child could do it") were ...
22 Jul 2019
For many, a formal dining space is a thing of the past. With open-concept kitchens becoming more popular, the bar stool has gone from occasional seating to where you have your coffee every morning.   If you're spending a good portion of your meal times sitting on a bar stool, then it's important to know how to choose the right one. A bar stool that's all at once comfortable, stylish, and functional.   Catherine Willey, our Store Manager in Framingham, walks us through the different options and gives us a guide to choosing the best stools for your home.     Questions to Consider   How many people do you want to seat and how much room do you have to move around your island   This will determine ...
10 Jul 2019
Whether you purchased a second home knowing you'd rent it out, or you're converting a loft space into an Airbnb, it's important to pay careful attention to how you decorate your rental space.   Many people these days are opting to rent instead of staying in a hotel for their vacations. Which means that you won't be the only one offering up your space on Airbnb or another rental site. But have no fear, our team of designers in Pembroke gave us their top tips to make your rental home stand out among the crowd.     The best furniture to invest in   You may be tempted to save money on furniture for your rental space. But investing in a few key pieces can be the ...
03 Jul 2019
We're always overjoyed to hear the amazing feedback we get from our customers about their experience shopping with us. We spoke to Megan Lynch, a Circle customer from Concord, about her charming renovated home and why she loved working with us.     What she was looking for   Megan and her family of 4 moved into their newly renovated home in West Concord in January. She says, "We had lived in a 2-bedroom condo in Cambridge and were looking for renovation properties within walking distance of West Concord center."   Because they were starting from the ground up, there was a fair amount of furniture that needed to be purchased. "We knew we needed new living room furniture"”a couch, a chair, and a rug, a new ...