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13 Nov 2019

Accessorizing is generally the last step in the home design process. It's also the step that ties everything together and brings character to the home. Accessorizing is really about bringing your own sense of style and personality into your home. That doesn't mean it can't be overwhelming at times. These simple tips will give you everything you need to accessorize your home without the stress.


01 Nov 2019

When looking into buying a sofa, one topic that must be addressed is the comparison of down vs. foam sofa cushions (the same could be said for upholstered chairs). Knowing the options and the differences will help you make your best choice.


06 Sep 2019

When it comes to finding the best sleeper sofa, we realize that each person’s criteria are unique. Some people want a showpiece sofa that offers a luxurious night’s sleep.

Other’s need a piece for the occasionally used guest room where a visitor might stay a night or two. Or this may be a piece for a kid’s or romper room where friend sleepovers are in heavy rotation.

Some people need their sleeper today! While others are excited to spend time getting every detail just so for their customized piece.


26 Aug 2019
Leather is a popular choice for upholstery and with good reason. When taken care of, leather ages like a fine wine"”it only gets better and softer with time. Once you've decided to go down the leather path, it's important to learn how to choose the right one.   Cindy Rubenfeld, our store manager in Middleton, helps us navigate the different leather types and gives you some tips on how to choose the right leather for you.     Why choose leather   First, why choose leather in the first place "Well to start," Cindy explains, "Most leathers are going to last 7 times longer than any fabric. It's one of the strongest and most durable upholstery options."   Besides being extremely durable, leather is, for the most part, ...
16 Aug 2019
When you're looking to update, redo, or even just rearrange your interior design, an online room planner is a great place to start.   But what room layout planner should you use There are so many! We chose the 5 best online room planners to help you navigate this crowded sector.   Liz Balestrero, a professional design consultant in our Acton showroom, helped provide some clarity around the home use of online planners and why "best" can be a misleading term in this niche. Her input helped inform our choices. To explain.     So What Does "Best" Mean When We're Talking About Room Planners   Liz was quick to point out that what many people might highlight as the "best" screen-based planners are those that are built for ...
09 Aug 2019
When purchasing new upholstery, the cost of fabric is inevitably going to play a role in the conversation. How fabric will affect the cost of your upholstery depends on several factors.   Liz Balestrero, a Design Consultant in Acton, breaks down what impacts the cost of fabric and why it's generally worth spending a little more.     What impacts the cost of fabric   When discussing fabric, four major factors impact the cost the most. Where it comes from, what it's made up of, whether or not it has a pattern, and the brand name.   Origin   The origin of the fabric you choose plays a big role in the cost. Liz explains, "Fabric from Turkey, Belgium, and Italy tend to be higher quality and higher price, whereas ...
05 Aug 2019
Space planning and creating a room plan is the first step in designing a room that's both functional and beautiful. If you've ever tried an online room planner, then you'll know they can be incredibly helpful to get started.   But what's the difference between an online room planner versus going in and getting a design service and a room plan from a professional We spoke to Liz Balestrero and Renee Devlin from our Acton Showroom to learn about the merits of both.     Online Room Planner   Online room planners vary in how much they will offer you. Some are free; for example, our Online Room Planner, Room Sketcher, Plan Your Room, and Havertys OmniVue Room Planner. Other room planners, like Havenly, have varying costs ...