Circle Furniture Welcomes New Brand Partner: Younger Furniture

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14 Mar 2024

Circle Furniture Welcomes New Brand Partner: Younger Furniture


We have a rigorous process at Circle Furniture to determine what new brand partners we add to our Circle Furniture family. We seek partners who believe deeply in sustainability, offer the highest quality furniture, and believe in our spirit of modern organic design, and we prefer partners who believe in community. When we find a partner that meets our criteria, we are enthusiastic about sharing them with you!


Introducing the Younger Furniture Brand



Welcome Younger to the Circle Furniture family! Younger is a small family owned business, founded in 1989 by Mike Younger. Mike’s daughter, Meredith Younger, now leads the way, carrying his legacy forward. Younger is based out of Thomasville, North Carolina. All of their furniture is locally sourced. From the wood for the frames to the springs, foam, and legs, every element that goes into each Younger piece is produced within 85 miles of their homebase.


We love Younger because they value customization the same way we do. Every piece built by Younger is bench built, meaning each piece is hand-built by one craftsman, for one customer, one at a time. At each step, with each staple, nail, and stitch, they take care to create furniture that is of the utmost quality. Younger offers beautiful wood frames that are made from local ash and maple trees. All of their frames and cushions come with a lifetime warranty. Younger values themselves on creating well-made, specific, intentional pieces for a great price.


Where to Buy Younger Furniture


We are thrilled to welcome Younger into the Circle Furniture family. Their expert craftsmanship and customizable designs elevate any living space. With their stunning couches and chairs, Younger seamlessly blends comfort and elegance into every piece they create. Visit our Framingham, Middleton, and Pembroke showrooms to check out the gorgeous Younger collection today!

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