Circle Gets Jazzed For February

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18 Jan 2008
Circle Furniture is helping to sponsor this years Jazz Fest at the Reggatta Bar at the Charles Hotel. Come celebrate opening night with us on February 8 featuring the musical rhythms of the legendary Dr John. If you get there early you will definitely have a comfortable seat. If you want more info or to purchase tickets to this or any of the Jazz Fest performances check out the Jazz Fest Homepage Speaking of jazz and comfort, check out the new Jazz chair by  Ekornes.  We have always LOVED  Ekorneschairs for their unrivaled quality and comfort and this year they are delivering a new design to fit a more modern style. "The  Stressless  Jazz will be right at home with today's modern interiors," says Peter  Bjerregaard, president of  Ekornes. "The sleek, unique design says 'retro' to some and 'futuristic' to others, but everyone agrees on the comfort of Jazz, the comfort for whichStressless  is known around the world." We recommend a test drive, so come on in to one of our locations and put your feet up for a bit.