Colorful Ideas: Small Changes, BIG Difference

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14 Oct 2010
At Circle Furniture we believe in color. And fun. Which is why once a week we'll be sharing inspiration from around our store, and the web, of how to have a little more of both in your life. The first thing to know is that a few pops of color can transform a room. You don't need to run out and buy a new rug AND couch AND table AND lamp. You can buy one of those and change your space! Then, add in a pillow or two, plus a vase full of bright flowers for good measure....Presto, your friends will be talking!!!   Maybe right now, you have basic items, like the main pieces in this room. Who doesn't love basics But, imagine adding a FABULOUS chair into the mix. Then those handy-dandy 'tie it all together' pillows... Maybe splurge on a bright side table...Finish it off with a decorative bowl. Drab days no more.