Colorful Ideas: Working in Your Pajamas Can Be Chic

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11 Nov 2010
Your home office deserves to look like part of your home. It should be a space you actually want to spend time in. Not just to check off your list, but because it's your oasis of productivity. So, how do you get your home office to more closely resemble this enticing desk Start with the basics. Figure out what your true needs are; Do you have a comfortable chair The right lamp Enough storage

(via Domino Magazine)

How about the location Is it truly the best place for you to be productive Do you need to be closer or further away from central living areas It's often better to find a new location, even if it's the corner of your guest bedroom than to try to share a space (like a dining room table).  

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When your choosing the furniture for your space, think about the details.  What are you going to do about all those cords, does the piece you're selecting help Is the surface durable enough for the occasional spill If you computer has a tower, will it fit under the desk And, what about all those piles that need to become files- where are those going to go

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Finally, what's your style Do you want something traditional or modern Colorful brights or soothing pastels What are you going to do to make it yours Maybe photos Will you frame them or perhaps add a decorative bulletin board What  accents  will make this space feel good to you A mirror, flowers, or a pretty lamp perhaps

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Get the right pieces for your space. The ones that are comfortable, functional and fit your style. Make it a place you want to be. Not just to work, but to live. After all, this is your home office, make yourself feel at home in it.