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14 Dec 2010

This week I thought I'd turn our Design Inspiration attention to the good ole' Gingerbread House. Tis' the season, right

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So, not only is the Gingerbread House a fun project for you and the kids, it's also edible! Love that. It's also something you can be creative with. Just like re-doing your home, you can paint, landscape and decorate your Gingerbread House any way you want.

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Of course, there are those out there who are planning a holiday open house this weekend and would much rather have someone build one for them, rather than spend hours baking, icing and putting the finishing touches on. To you I give this gift. The Gingerbread Construction Company has pre-built houses created and they are delish! They also make one of the best carrot   muffins I've ever eaten, covered in cream cheese frosting. You will not be disappointed (and no, they are not paying me in muffins to say so!)