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03 Oct 2007


A healthy home starts with a healthy environment. That's why at Circle Furniture we look for manufacturers that share our commitment to the environment. The woods used to make our wood products come from forests that are managed according to strict environmental, social and economic standards. Additionally, most of our wood products are made by craftspeople in New England. These are folks who truly care about the quality of the product that lands in your home. Gorgeous woods, thoughtfully made. Preservation and conservation are values that are important to us.


While you are looking at the fine earth-friendly wood products, you'll have to see our collection of revolutionary, bio-based upholstery. The cushions are made of Soy-based foam and other sustainable components and offer an enhanced level of comfort. With water-based finishes and recyclable materials, these products are truly eco-friendly!


We carefully research every new manufacturer before we put the Circle stamp on it. The environment, our local economy, it matters to us. It's our world and we have to take care of it.