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03 Dec 2009
We want to congratulate our friends at  Copeland Furniture  on winning this years Sage award. Ok, so you may not have heard of the Sage award, not a problem. Here's how it's described by the experts. "The Sage Award was created to seek out and recognize innovators with a commitment to sustainable practices, social equity, and profitable growth in the home furnishings and bedding industries."   So who are we talking about A company we've been buying gorgeous, hardwood furniture from for years. A company we trust and respect. Here's the nomination lowdown - check it out. "Copeland Furniture has been committed to sustainable manufacturing practices long before eco-friendly became a trend in the residential furniture industry. The company holds a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) chain of custody certificate and currently manufactures eight product groups that qualify for FSC on-product labeling. They are a founding members of the  Sustainable Furnishings Council, and one of only eight companies worldwide that qualify for the Council's silver exemplary status. Their environmental initiatives touch every aspect of operations. Sustainably-grown raw materials come from within 100 to 500 miles of the plant. Ninety percent of the electricity used to power their manufacturing equipment comes from sources that are low emission. They are converting their heating plant from oil-fired hot water to wood-fired and using their own waste scrap as fuel. They are taking steps to reduce the use of non-recyclable materials in product packaging and are working with finish suppliers to formulate finishes that use water as the primary solvent. They've stopped printing their catalog and now post it entirely on the Internet. Despite all of their accomplishments,  Copeland  views sustainability as an ongoing process of improvement, rather than as a finite goal." Thanks Copeland for what you do! We're proud to be founding members of the Sustainable Furnishings Council right along with Copeland and continue on our path to sustainable practices. As we say...the environment, our local economy, it matters to us. It's our world and we have to take care of it! Don't you agree