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24 Jul 2009
Ok, so I just read somewhere that we are only something like 126 days away from Black Friday. I thought, are you kidding me Holidays. Who can think of the holidays at this point While those of us in the Greater Boston area are still waiting (and longing) for the first signs of summer, shopkeepers and retailers all over the country are gearing up for the holiday season. Making plans. Getting their ducks in a row. So this got me thinking...Not only are you and I going to have visits from old friends and relatives during the coming holidays...but what about all the other days of the year All the friends that are in town for a job interview and need a place to crash. Or your sister-in-law who is bringing your nephew to Boston to check out colleges. Where do you put them On the fold out couch in the basement Please. We've all experienced the back-breaking bar on that old pull-out. Here's where Circle Furniture thrives. We offer the Comfort Sleeper and American Leather. What You haven't heard of the Comfort Sleeper This sleeper is the only sleeper with real mattresses and comes in all sizes. It's a greener option as it is made with soy based foam from our friends at BiOH -  (you can even see a video from their site showing the Comfort Sleeper in action). The Comfort Sleeper comes in leather, fabric, Ultrasuede or microfiber, so there is something for everyone. You can even get a Queen size sleeper as small as 69" to fit in a small space. Pretty cool, huh So let your friends and family decide. But be careful, they may be so comfortable that they stay a little longer than you expected!