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07 Jan 2015
The rush of the holidays has passed as we make our way into 2015.   The New Year brings new projects to tackle.   That resolution you made to take on the living room renovation or get your home organized has just come back to you as you look around your home.   Making the resolution was easy, but sometimes we need motivation to stick to it.   Circle Furniture is here to help with tips to help make your New Year's resolutions a success. 1. Set a clear goal What exactly do you want to accomplish with this project   We are much more likely to keep our resolutions and reach goals when we write it down and know what we are getting into.   2.  Create a visual aid Slide1 Use a visual aid to remind you of your goal.   Try using a mood board to envision the end result and keep it somewhere that you will see it often.   Reminding yourself of the end result will keep you motivated throughout the project.   3.  Find a starting point That first step will help propel both your creativity and motivation in the right direction.   Choosing a focal point such as a specific color or style will let the other pieces of the puzzle fall in.   4.  Take a step back Kick back, relax, and take a breather when you begin to become overwhelmed.   Resolutions don't happen all at once and your project may take some time.   Throw on a funny movie, crank up your favorite music, and enjoy the little things for a while.