Small Space? No Problem.

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06 Aug 2009

I love my apartment. Honestly, since the first day I laid eyes on it. I live in an awesome part of Boston, close to amazing restaurants - shout out to Zon's, Ten Tables and my new fav down the road, Sophia's Grotto. Mmmmm. Anyway...although I love my place, it has, what I used to call a downfall...It's really, really small. Like so tiny, I even have a "baby" stove, as my nephew calls it. When I first moved in this presented a problem...where to put all my furniture I've collected over the years I've tried all different layouts, never really feeling like I had found the golden ticket....or golden floor plan, as it were. This past April I had a revelation. I was sitting at a breakfast in High Point, North Carolina, after I long night of partying with other furniture industry friends. Yes, we do work hard when we go to High Point to look at new furniture designs, but we like our parties too! That's a blog for another day...Oh, the stories! Anyway, the breakfast began, just coffee for me, when the speaker was introduced. Libby Langdon. "Expert commentator and leading designer on a HGTV's Small Space, Big Style". My ears perked up. What She started talking about me. Well, not me, but my life...I live in a small space. Oh, the things she said. She was speaking from her latest book "Secrets for Making Any Room Look Elegant and Feel Spacious on Any Budget". She gave tips, like use bold colors, lighting is everything, remove clutter, use mirrors, don't be afraid of your large-scale furniture. She showed pictures that really brought home her point. I felt revived, as did everyone in the audience. Inspired in fact. When I arrived home, book in hand, I began my renovation. What happened I got organized, clutter out, color in. Mirrors. Paint. The works. I even got a beautiful new sectional from, where else, Circle Furniture. I never thought I could fit a sectional but it really works! My place looks amazing. The best part is I didn't have to get rid of any of my furniture and my place looks more spacious then ever. Thanks Libby...I owe you one.