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31 Jul 2009
So as we sail into August I'm sitting here reflecting on the past week..yikes, it really has been a crazy week for us at Circle. Crazy good that is! What makes a week crazy you ask Well, we've had the a FLOR promo going strong, the Stressless promo driving those Ekornes fans into our stores, the Summer Sale winding down it's last week (lots of great bargains still available!), the honor of Best of Boston (thank you Boston Magazine), the dreaded tax increase on the way and last but not least, Richard, our fearless co-owner of Circle Furniture is about to embark on his first Pan-Mass ride. See what I mean - busy week! Oh, and I forgot one more bit of business. Today's the day I have to pick the winner of our Inner Circle $250 giftcard giveaway. The Inner Circle is our email list that we send out our monthly newsletter to. You see, we would rather send an email out to those of you who want to be kept in the loop, instead of sending postcards, which obviously cost more money to mail and aren't as green - wasting all that paper...the nerve! Anyway, I can always keep you guys informed by this blog, our Queen Bee's "what's the buzz", our twitter or facebook page....but the fact is - is anyone reading this Ok, so here's a challenge. Whoever calls me first, not kidding, I'll give away 2 tickets to the Regatta Bar. Never been It's a jazz club in the Charles Hotel.  We love it there....awesome music, amazing dark-n-stormies, and great views of Harvard Square. So come on, call me....978-263-4509 x 231. That's right, I just gave out my work number...go for it. Now I'll know whether or not anyone is reading this silly blog! Happy Weekend Everyone!