Something is Missing in The Bedroom

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30 Jan 2008

When designing your perfect bedroom don't forget the accent chair. A chair in your bedroom is something often overlooked when picking out the bed, dresser and lamps. Sometimes you want to curl up in the sanctuary that is your bedroom to relax or read a book, and you don't always want to lie down. I know if I lie down on that bed I am falling asleep, which is fine if its late, but not if its only 6 pm. A chair can create an atmosphere of a full room not just a place to sleep and can facilitate conversation as opposed to immediately lying down and flipping on the TV. Be sure to pick a chair that is cute and really ties the room together to avoid it being just another place to throw your stuff. Chairs come in all shapes and sizes so you can surely find one to fit your style and space. In my city apartment I have an armless Chloe chair with pink and green stripes to accent the other colors in the room. My parents recycled a beautiful blue and white striped chair to their bedroom with blue walls after they redecorated the living room. My little brother's room recently had a makeover and went from graffiti walls to a more mature, you are about to graduate from college, wallpaper. In the midst of this crazy time in his life he needs a place to kick back and relax in style, and what better way to do that than in a chaise lounge.