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18 Jan 2008
"The most exciting thing happened at dinner last night," were the first words out of my mouth to my mother on the phone this morning. (I would have called in the heat of the moment last night, but I am a bad daughter and live three time zones away.) "I spilled red wine on my chairs", I squeaked. My mom hesitated and I could feel her glancing over in her mind each chair she had chosen to perfectly compliment my new apartment, "Now why is that exciting" Well let me tell you. Last night I had a lovely casual dinner with friends. We whipped up a little post activity dinner and complimented it with a bottle of red wine, ok maybe two bottles. As we were winding down the meal my friend knocked her glass and red wine went everywhere, immediate shock, horror and panic ensued. Someone grabbed the shout spray and we were going after her sweater and the place mats, and then we saw it, a trail of red wine down the back of the upholstered dining room chair. My friend's face went white because she was unaware that these chairs were not sewn from just any thread, they were Ultrasuede, not microfibre, but Ultrasuede. I had to admit I even felt fear at first, I had heard the talk of this miracle fabric that can handle ANYTHING, but was it all talk I took a little soap and water on a paper towel and with one stroke the wine stains were gone, it was really unbelievable. So the next time you are shopping upholstery and someone tries to sell you a microfibre for less, consider spending the extra to the Ultrasuede trademark brand, it really can stand up to ANYTHING, all you need is a little soap and water. Another interesting factor in the equation here is the upholstered dining room chair. Ultrasuede makes it reasonable because with a fabric like this you can have beautiful (see mine above that I LOVE) and comfortable upholstered chairs in a food and beverage danger zone that will last for years, unstained.