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23 Jan 2008
Perhaps it a product of being raised by a mother with great taste and tact, but I find myself basing my decisions on whether or not to support businesses based on the service experiences I have. For example there is this little dry cleaners down the street from my apartment, one of three or four in a few block radius, and after one visit I was sold as a customer for life. They only accept cash, which is hard sometimes because, as I am not a waitress anymore, I don't always have cash on me, and their prices can be a touch higher. HOWEVER, after one visit the elderly gentleman who runs the place, who is literally there every day, recognized me and I was immediately welcomed into the family of clientèle. Each customer that squeezed through the door to the shop had a very personal exchange with the shop owner, it just made me smile. The experience reminds me of the early years of Circle Furniture, a little mom and pop shop run by my grandparents who worked diligently for so many years. Today just because there are more stores and one more member at the helm (see note earlier about my wonderful mom) doesn't mean the values of family and quality service have gone, our family has just grown exponentially. Our family now includes vendors and sales people and more and more customers. It is the strong bonds created between all of us that keeps our business alive. Thanks again to all the great folks at BDI, our Vendor of the Year as voted by our designers, for all your contributions to our success!