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22 Nov 2007
Kate Springfield 10/30/2007   New England School of Art amp; Design graduate student Kate Springfield won a $2,000 scholarship in the Second Annual Montage/Arclinea Contemporary Design Scholarship Competition. The Design Scholarship Competition was established to encourage architecture and design students in New England to find innovative ways of incorporating contemporary design within the region's traditional architecture. "It has definitely boosted my confidence, and it is something nice to have in your back pocket when it comes time to look for a job next year," said Springfield, who finished in third place. Springfield is scheduled to graduate from the Master of Arts in Interior Design program in May 2008. She entered the competition along with several classmates, spending about two months to complete her project. "We all got to see each other's work, and you can tell right away how everyone has a different style," she said. "As for me, I am most comfortable using hand renderings in my presentations, as opposed to the photo-realistic images that computer programs can generate." In the competition, students were asked to design a contemporary kitchen/living area within either a Back Bay brownstone or a suburban Victorian and were encouraged to review the design philosophy of Italian architect Antonio Citterio for inspiration. Entries were reviewed by a panel of New England architects, designers and journalists. "Once again we were able to shine a spotlight on the emerging young talent in the New England design and architecture schools," said Montage co-owner Christopher Bates. "The industry professionals who helped select the winners were genuinely impressed with thebr /caliber of the students' work. It's exciting to have the first look at tomorrow's design professionals." The Circle team would love to congratulate Kate and may the design (continue to) be with you!