Well you talk Green, but how do I do Green?

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14 Apr 2008
The interest in Green Design has peeked from the current buzz at this year's furniture market and past events like Down2Earth so why not come in for an informal chat about these new trends I can blog all day long about how great they are but maybe you would like a panel of experts accompanied by a fine wine Green With Envy will be taking place at our Alewife store next week, Thursday April 24th from 6-9. Circle has partnered up with a few great local organizations to host a free event which will include expert speakers, wine, light far, gift bags and a raffle with great prizes! Gail Ravgiala from Design New England will speak to the latest trends and Interior Designer Martha Wells will talk about new lines of eco-friendly furniture. All proceeds from the raffle go to Hope In Bloom and founder Roberta Dehman Hershon will be there to talk about the organization. I spoke with Martha Wells to get the scoop, "This event will be a great opportunity for folks to change their perspective on what they think "green furniture" is. We have come a long way from burlap bags and twigs! Bright colors and designer styles will be highlighted, and of course, Circle Furniture has always been environmentally conscious. Come and check out how fun "green" can be!"