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25 Sep 2009
Ok, so I'm not starved for fun things to do on a random Thursday night. I mean, there is so much to do in this awesome city of ours. Am I right Yep. Boston is like better than ever. So many fabulous restaurants, tons of great music, hundreds of local art venues.   So last night was Thursday. Where was I At the  Libby Langdon  talk and book-signing at  Circle Furniture. Ok, I was part of team that organized the event. But I would have been there in a heartbeat even if I had nothing to do with the furniture industry. Libby was as charming as ever. Her slide show and presentation was thoughtfully put together, chock-full of tips on how to  really  love your living space.   As I was driving home last night I was thinking about her tip that white walls don't actually increase your square footage, so get over your fear of painting bold colors on your walls! And the tip about setting a timer for 30 minutes and picking one area of your home to a bed-side table or a medicine cabinet. The buzzer goes off, you can walk away. That way, you don't think of de-cluttering as such a punishment anymore because anyone can do anything for a half-an-hour, right So I want to personally thank Libby for her inspiring words and her ability to really translate "designer lingo" into plain speak for those of us who don't want to be "talked into" buying something we're only buying because someone says it's the latest and greatest.   So what's a girl to do this weekend in Beantown Tomorrow I'll be cheering on team Circle Furniture at the  Rodman Ride for Kids. Sunday I'll be hitting the  JP Open Studios. I'm always amazed and inspired at what local artists are up to.   Whatever  you're  up to this weekend, enjoy the beautiful fall weather we're supposed to have tomorrow. Have fun at your kids soccer game, enjoy watching football on Sunday, remember those you love need to hear it from time to time and stop and get yourself a tiny, little pumpkin. Those always make me smile.