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02 Oct 2009
The leaves are changing and the mornings are so cold already. And doesn't it seem like it's already way too dark in the morning How many times can a girl trick herself into thinking she will get up at 5:30 am and get to the gym But the alarm goes off and I crawl back under the covers and think, "Wow, I'm not going anywhere, who am I kidding" Brrrrrr. It's fall. And what a fall it's shaping up to be. We've had such a busy week here at  Circle Furniture. We've been going crazy; moving our showrooms around to make them look beautiful for our upcoming Fall Upholstery Sale. And let's not forget our  Ekornes Home Theater Sale  that brings so many people though the door everyday. Our big  American Leather  sale is still going on throughout the weekend; as well as our  Comfort Sleeper Sale. Plus, we have some classy new styles to show off; some  contemporary furniture  and someeco-friendly furniture. See what I mean Busy! The stores have never looked better, thanks to our talented merchandising team. One of the things I have always loved about Circle, even before I worked here, was that Circle is not a cookie-cutter store. We may have 5 showrooms, but we don't have the constraints of "corporate" telling us how to decorate our showrooms - where to place the beige sofa and the brown rug. No, we can do whatever we want. And with all the colorful furniture  and style we offer - we can create vignettes that don't just work in the showroom but they can make your rooms at home explode with happiness and joy. Imagine walking into your home everyday and just saying "Ah, my oasis...I love where I live!" This fall, before the holidays take over, come in and let us work with you on creating that dream oasis. We love to create. We know our options are almost limitless. There's nothing we enjoy more than "getting into" an exciting new project with a client - that's you. It makes us happy. It also keeps us out of trouble...and, trust me, we know how to get into trouble!