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05 Oct 2020

After a long hiatus, we’re back with another designer’s pick of the month. We met up with Anne, a Design Consultant in Middleton who chose the Kendrick Swivel Chair from CR Laine.

01 Oct 2020

A basement, unlike most other rooms in the home, doesn’t have a designated purpose. This means that the options are endless when it comes to designing and decorating.

But that doesn’t mean it comes without challenges. Basements, even when furnished, can come across as stark, cold, and unfinished. We met up with the team in our Middleton showroom to get their expert advice on how to design a functional, cozy basement.

17 Sep 2020

It’s not unusual to wonder why wood furniture is so costly. In fact, we got the question enough that we answered it in a blog! 

The fact is, high-quality, hand-made furniture is more expensive than poorly-made furniture made with MDF and veneers. But, even on the higher-end, there are variations in how much you’ll pay for a piece of hardwood furniture.

16 Sep 2020

A bed, like a dining table or a living room sofa, is usually a long-term purchase. Which means you want to be sure exactly what you need before you buy.


We met up with Georgianna, our Store Manager in Cambridge, to discuss everything you should consider before making a decision.


27 Aug 2020

Of all the rooms in your home, the bedroom is one that should be a sanctuary – a place to escape to, rest, read, and sleep.

And, rest and rejuvenation don’t come easy when your room is disorganized or cluttered. Even if you’re not a clean freak, most of us feel more at ease in an organized space.

Here’s the best thing about taking the time to organize and streamline your bedroom: it means you’ll be cleaning less! When you have a system that works for you, your bedroom will always (or, most of the time) be your dream space – de-cluttered and peaceful.

12 Aug 2020

A bookcase is a necessary addition to a home – whether you’re book-obsessed with a full library or you need a space to store your cookbooks and board games.

Buying a standard bookcase – while great in some situations – won’t always suit your needs. A custom bookcase is a perfect option when you don’t want to invest in built-in cabinets, but you need shelving that’s tailored to your home.

We met up with Renee, our Store Manager in Acton, to learn everything you should know before buying a custom bookcase.

29 Jul 2020

The internet is an amazing resource when it comes to home décor and interior design. Don’t get us wrong, we love Pinterest and Instagram but (and we may be a bit biased here), we are partial to blogs for their ability to showcase in-depth information. Who doesn’t like learning something new?  

Not only do we love blogs, but we love our fellow New England bloggers talking about all things design. There are so many to choose from, but here are a few of our favorites.

Check them out and get inspired!