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23 Jan 2020

We’re back again with an unlikely pairing to warm you up, get you cozy, and maybe even inspire a décor change in your home. And if not a décor change, then a change in your beverage preferences.


We met up with our resident tea and coffee expert, Eric Bailey, to discuss his favorite teas and the chairs he’d pair them with. We can’t claim this an exact science but we can claim that it’s informative and, more importantly, fun.


White Peach 


Paired with: The Simon Chair 



To begin our tea journey, we’re starting with white tea—the least filtered with little to no oxidation. In other words, the flavor is smooth, crisp, and clean and it’s a great tea to choose if you’re a tea newbie.


Eric says, “I chose a flavored white, the peach doesn’t come through strongly but it gives that fruity flavor that makes it hyper refreshing.”


For his pairing, Eric chose the Simon Chair. He explains, “I like it because it’s a very simple, clean looking chair. But it’s comfortable! You sink into the cushions and you’re not restricted by a high-track arm.”


Japanese Sencha 


Paired with: The Marshall Chair 



Most of us are familiar with green tea and its unfiltered powder form, matcha. Green tea is known for its antioxidant properties and its earthy, “green” taste. Like Eric says, “Green tea isn’t for everyone. They tend to have flavor and aroma notes that are vegetal (like spinach) which can be off-putting.”


“But this Sencha is a milder green tea, you can throw some honey on it and cut down on that earthy flavor. This specific tea is likened to the teas you’d find in Tokyo.”


This leads to his choice of chair, the contemporary and hip Marshall Chair. He explains, “It’s very distinctly mid-century modern and I thought that went along with the contemporary vibes of Tokyo as a city. It’s the perfect streamlined chair to sit on and enjoy a cup of Japanese Sencha.”




Paired with: The Thayer Chair 



Oolong is a lesser-known tea that sits somewhere in between green tea and black tea—it’s semi-oxidized. It’s less earthy than a green tea and less intense than a black. Eric says, “My favorite oolong comes in bricks; it’s a smooth tea that’s easy to drink.”


Eric paired this tea with one of his favorite chairs, the Thayer. He says of choice, “Like the Simon, it’s not a restrictive chair. It’s very relaxed, a great afternoon tea chair to sit and read. Your body has a lot of movement in it.”


Assam Golden Tips 


Paired with: The Addie Chair 



Assam Golden Tips is one of Eric’s favorite teas – a black tea rich in honey and caramel notes. “If Darjeeling is the champagne of teas,” he says, “then Assam is a stout. It’s a lot more malty and complex. It’s a hard tea to find, but a big cup of this tea puts me in a super relaxed mood.”


For this pairing, he chose the Addie Chair – a cozy, comfortable chair with a low arm. “This is the perfect chair for curling up with your book and your tea.”


French Super Blue Lavender 


Paired with: The Stressless Mayfair Recliner 



For our last pick, we’re sidetracking into herbal teas. No caffeine, just the crisp, relaxing aroma of lavender fields in southern France.


He describes, “It has a cooling aftertaste, almost minty. And it’s floral but not in an astringent way. The color (a blueish purple) is unreal. Make sure to cover it up when you’re brewing it, otherwise, the essential oils will evaporate.”


The obvious chair choice for lavender tea is something ultra-cozy, maybe even sleep-worthy. He chose the Stressless Mayfair recliner for an ultra-comfortable, post-dinner recline.


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Get Inspired!



The world of tea, like the world of coffee, is a vast one. Open your eyes to the possibilities and you never know what you may end up loving. The same goes for furniture and home décor.


Designing a house, a room, or a reading nook doesn’t have to be boring and formulaic. Find inspiration in unlikely places, step outside of your comfort zone, and explore the endless opportunities!


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